Drug Blues and Nutrition News

Drug Blues and Nutrition News

Every single day around the world there is more information about our near miraculous nutrients and plants. However, because wealthy big pharma can lobby the news media so effectively, what we usually hear about are drugs they hope will someday be a silver bullet. They kind of forget that most of the ones they ballyhooed previously turned out to be only narrowly effective, grossly expensive and with scary side effects.

Fortunately, our HBN listeners and readers can safely prevent and even cure diseases for just pennies and with fringe benefits instead of side effects. Our blockbuster show on vitamin C this coming Saturday is one example. Below are a couple more tidbits:

  • Alzheimer’s disease has been linked to viruses. Known for causing cold sores, herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV1) is quietly lying dormant in the majority of people by the time they are seniors—even if they never have had cold sores. There is growing evidence of a strong connection between (HSV1) and Alzheimer’s. Apparently, when a person is stressed, the virus acts up and causes damage. Then it seems the amyloid plaque despite its bad reputation, may just be a defense mechanism. In folks who also carry the APOE4 gene, the risk is 12 times greater. Article. Knowing that there might be a virus involved in this dread disease is good news because we can boost our immune system (e.g. zinc, vitamin C, probiotics, thymus glandulars, etc.) and gently fight viruses with natural antivirals like elderberry, garlic and olive leaf. The amino acid L-lysine might also help as it seems to with cold sores.
  • Zinc deficiency during pregnancy linked to autism in babies. Without sufficient zinc, the babies nervous system does not behave normally. The researchers said that the link isn’t proven as a cause just yet. However, modest supplementation can only help. Oops…”One-A-Day Prenatal” contains zinc oxide which is very poorly absorbed. And, if a kid is borderline because he didn’t get a good start on zinc from mom when he starts getting lots of vaccinations, maybe this is the real autism / vaccine connection. Bill Sardi has been telling us to make sure kids have enough zinc on board before getting immunizations. (His kid’s vitamin has 10 mg and it is the well-absorbed citrate form.)

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