FDA’s war on homeopathy

Access to Homeopathy Threatened by Latest FDA Action

Homeopathy is a system of natural medicine that has been used by untold millions of people around the world since the 1800’s. (Even the British royal family!) People love it and the medical literature includes hundreds of clinical trials demonstrating its safety and effectiveness. Unfortunately, we are facing a serious threat to our freedom to use homeopathy. But, you can help and it isn’t hard.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced a change in policy that, unless rescinded, would make all homeopathic medicines automatically illegal by classifying them as “new drugs”! Why is that a problem? The FDA is allowed to remove any unapproved and therefore illegal drug from the marketplace without notice and without any proof of harm.  Homeopaths as far away as Australia are worried about the likely ripple effects of this impending change—and rightfully so! We only have until January 23rd to stop them!

Obviously, you should care if you stay healthy by seeing a homeopathic physician. But, you should care even if you just enjoy a safe, effective homeopathic sleep spray or if you reduce muscle soreness with Arnica after a workout, or if you appreciate safe children’s homeopathic products that help avoid the need for antibiotics. (Have you ever tried Oscillococcinum® at the first sign of the flu? Amazing!)

For the last 30 years, the FDA had a regulatory system for homeopathy that worked. It allowed manufacturers of homeopathic remedies to thrive while also ensuring the quality and purity of homeopathic medicines. However, the FDA has revoked that framework and proposes to replace it with one that reflects the agency’s extreme bias against any non-pharmaceutical health-related products. (We shouldn’t be too surprised given the well documented incestuous relationship been the industry and the regulators.)

Makers of homeopathic products cannot patent homeopathic medicines like the manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs do thereby cornering the market and making billions in profit. Therefore, not one homeopathic company can justify spending hundreds of millions of dollars to gain FDA approval. Even if they could, the process takes many years.

The FDA claims to be concerned about safety of active ingredients. Really? The ingredients they say could be a problem are been diluted to the point that there is not even one molecule of the substance in the medium. All that remains is the energetic signature that gently urges the body to correct a problem. This regulatory change supposedly started because several years ago one homeopathic product also administered zinc directly into the nose and may (or may not) have caused a loss of smell. Then teething products were targeted, but the agency could not confirm a connection to the problems claimed. The FDA extreme position on homeopathy seems an especially cruel joke in light of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who die annually due to FDA-approved medications. (And don’t get me started on the fact that USDA that allows toxic Roundup in our approved foods on store shelves.)

What about manufacturing safety? This week, I visited a prominent supplier of homeopathic products. I was extremely impressed with their cleanliness, safety consciousness and finely detailed control procedures. This wonderful US homeopathic company was targeted by the FDA mainly because they couldn’t account for which customers walked away with 3 individual products given as samples at a tradeshow! Once looking for trouble, the regulators found a non-infectious bacteria in a product and all heck broke loose. The company would have had to close if the owner hadn’t used his life savings to fight their way back. (I’ll bet good money that they are safer than the Indian and Chinese pharma companies who make those generic drugs so frequently found to be contaminated. I heard on the news that FDA only cares to inspect foreign makers once every two years or so.)

Don’t depend on a company or organization to solve this problem—the FDA isn’t worried by them. However, when the public gets riled up, the FDA knows that Congress listens—that might affect the FDA’s budget! Protect your access to this extraordinary system of medicine NOW because the comment period ends January 23, 2020. Click this link to submit a comment to the FDA. Say something like this:

  1. Please extend the comment period by 180 days because more of my friends need to express their opinions.
  2. I want to protect my ability buy homeopathic medicines because I know that they work and I trust them.
  3. Please do not classify homeopathic remedies as unapproved drugs because that gives the product makers no protection and your agency too much leeway to act on prejudice.
  4. I request that instead of going after homeopathic products, the FDA should use its resources on much higher priorities such as antibiotic resistance and the unacceptable number of deaths and disability from FDA-approved medications.

Send a copy of this email to friends you know use homeopathics. (Also contact your US Representative and Senator. Ask them to monitor the FDA on this issue.).

Some of the above is copied from an article by The Board of the American Institute of Homeopathy. I confirmed the points with this article and with lawyers who specialize in defending homeopathic companies.

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