Fluoride dangers

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Our website page on Toxins is now up. Yay! (Each of these is a labor of love.) It has some information and links regarding mercury, pesticides, BPA, smoking, water, radiation and fluoride–the one I must discuss today.

If fluoridation of drinking water was a brand new idea seeking FDA approval, I contend that for the following reasons the agency would never allow it :

  • They already require a warning on fluoride toothpaste instructing users to call the poison control center if swallowed.
  • Too little is known about health effects of the constant exposure to fluoride over decades. For example, more study is needed on indications that fluoridation may accelerate certain cancers as shown in this study. 
  • The evidence in this study that fluoride in water interferes with brain function would have to be investigated. 
  • Fluoride blocks the mineral iodine that our thyroid glands need. Therefore, the agency would be concerned that fluoridation might cause trouble with thyroid function. (Here is one study. Others are needed.) 
  • FDA demands precise dosing of medicines. That is not possible in this case because quantities of fluoride that naturally occur in water before treatment varies so widely. Also, obviously, people don’t all consume the same amount of water. 
  • Excess fluoride causes pitting and staining of teeth.

In light of the seriousness of these issues and the fact that fluoride acts mainly topically anyway, the agency would be right to suggest tooth decay be addressed directly with topical application. That would target those individuals who are actually at risk rather than force medication on an entire population including toothless infants, denture-wearing adults, vulnerable elderly persons, cancer patients, dogs, cats and pet turtles.

Notes and Resources:

  • Most home water filters do not remove fluoride and often bottled water is made from local tap water only lightly filtered for flavor. 

Newspapers don’t help

Back in May I objected to a Dallas Morning News columnist labeling citizens as “cranks” because they expressed their concerns to the city council over fluoride being added to public drinking water. Then another columnist in the same paper called a hero and friend of mine a “clod” for daring to speak out about the issue. Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor, is all about saving us from a toxic planet. (It was an opinion piece, but still, I really don’t like the idea of my newspaper calling intelligent well-intentioned citizens ugly names just because they disagree with them.)

The newspaper (like many others) has obviously decided to side with the establishment. Hmm…didn’t the establishment tell us in the 1950’s and 60’s that it was a good idea to put radioactive radium up noses for chronic sinus infections? (Not surprisingly cancer, thyroid trouble, brittle teeth and other problems appeared years later.) And, they said that Vioxx was a fine drug for arthritis. (It was later withdrawn because it killed more people than it was expected to.) I could go on. While we still have some freedom of the press in this country, I want to remind our readers that there is another side to this fluoride story.

FluorideAlert.org is a useful website that lists facts that we should be aware of in order to make an informed decision. That site notes: “…comprehensive data from the World Health Organization reveals that there is no discernible difference in tooth decay between the minority of western nations that fluoridate water, and the majority that do not. In fact, the tooth decay rates in many non-fluoridated countries are now lower than the tooth decay rates in fluoridated ones.”

So, apparently we don’t have a better record on tooth decay, but we do have more people suffering with degenerative disease than other countries. Could there be a connection? One of our radio guests, renowned nutritionist, pharmacist and clinician, Jim LaValle, seemed to be choking back outright laughter when I asked him if there was a nutritional need for fluoride that I had overlooked. His answer was an emphatic “No”. He explained that fluoride competes in the body with iodine which we desperately need to make thyroid hormone. Click here for more on that topic.

Excess fluoride can kill. Studies of toxicity for virtually all chemicals are done by testing what happens when an animal gets too much all at once. But, in murder mysteries the villains escape detection by poisoning their victims slowly, a little bit at a time. We have to remember that we also get fluoride naturally in some foods, tea and wine. Worse yet, we are also getting loads of other toxins from multiple sources and those have an additive effect. Again, I suggest visiting our website page on Toxins.

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