HBN’s Natural Approach to Covid-19

A fever is no longer thought to be an effective way to screen for covid-19. However, the guy in the photo has some kind of serious problem (unless his temperature of 36 is in centigrade which translates to 96.8 in Fahrenheit).

I have run into some folks who have had covid-19 or who who have had family member get. Although there is useful information on the HBN Library’s Covid-19 Summary Page (which I will update in the next couple of days), not everyone knows about that and or even has a computer. Sometimes I wish I had printed out information about the natural essentials and had it with me. So, I repeat that information here in the blog, and I also made into a covid pdf document which might be easier to print and hand out as you have the opportunity. Wish I had thought to do this sooner, but unfortunately, we are not at the end of this thing yet.

I should start by explaining that “not proven” is vastly different than “disproven”. The FDA only considers a substance “proven” if it is (a) a drug, (b) has gone through many years and hundreds of millions of dollars in testing and (c) will not be a natural alternative to one of their precious pharmaceuticals. Understand that no nutrition supplier can pay for FDA level “proof” because it can never get back that investment. Nutrients cannot be patented, so, all their competitors will also be able sell the item. Never mind all that, nutrients can be as powerful as drugs and are much safer. The following is based on a consensus of several nutrition experts and was taken from the periodically-updated more comprehensive document, HBNshow.com/covid-19-summary

WHAT TO DO IF YOU BECOME ILL WITH COVID-19. Obviously, stay home and away from people you might infect. Read HBNshow.com/articles/your-system-is-powerful/, for diet and lifestyle factors that will help. Below are the most important supplements to take right away:

  • Vitamin D3 take 50,000 IU per day for at least 3 days or until you feel better hopefully in a week or so. Then taper back to 10,000 over a few days. Yes, these are large doses compared to government guidelines, but there is a lot of science showing that they are safe, and the plan works! For this short-term emergency use, any brand Vitamin D3 will work. (See below for routine supplementation.)
  • Zinc lozenges – Studies show that zinc in the lozenge form works best for respiratory infections. The total intake for the day should be 75 mg. There is one lozenge so intelligently designed that it contains an ingredient to help get zinc into infected cells where it can stop viral replication. LifespanNutrition.com (800-247-5731) has the only lozenge that does that.
  • Vitamin C – C activates sluggish immune cells and protects from oxidative damage. I take 500-1,000 mg every few hours. Check the label, e.g. the Emergen-C brand powder may contain zinc, which when combined with the zinc lozenges, might send you over the recommended 75 mg intake.
  • Selenium and Resveratrol can help. These are not as first line perhaps as the D, C and zinc but worth considering. Among other benefits, Selenium keeps zinc available. Resveratrol is amazing and protect the lungs and heart. See articles on both in the HBNshow.com Library.

For respiratory distress. Consider using hydrogen peroxide in a nebulizer. To get the protocol specifics and more ideas from Tom Levy, MD and Dr. Joseph Mercola, visit HBNshow.com/H2O2-in-nebulizer.

Virus Prevention. Prevention is far better than trying to cure anything. In addition to (not instead of) the standard advice about distancing, masks and hand washing, these supplements will help:

  • Vitamin D. Blood levels should routinely be at 70-100, not the pitiful 20-30 often shown as “normal” on test reports. Achieving optimum levels typically takes daily doses of D3 in the 8,000-10,000 range. For the long term, it is best to also take vitamin K2 because D3 increases calcium uptake and the vitamin K gets calcium into the bones rather than hanging around causing trouble in the blood vessels. Now Foods makes a spray combination balanced in D3 and K2, it is highly absorbed and easy to dose. Ask your natural food store to get it or you can find it online. You can save money, with powdered nutrients. Those are available on vitaspace.com.
  • Zinc. It is good to take from 30-50 mg a day routinely. I think the best way to get that amount and in an easy to absorb form is to take Molecular Multi from LifespanNutrition.com (800-247-5731) . (It also contains other nutrients we need and is the best multi I’ve ever found.) If you are happy with your multi and need extra zinc, T-cell zinc™ is a unique form that for one thing helps the thymus gland. The thymus produces the Tcells which are the long term immunity to covid-19. T-cell Zinc is available from Longevinex.com. 866-405-4000
  • Vitamin C – Because vitamin C quickly washes out of the body, I think it is smart to take Formula 216 for routine daily use. This unique formula protects you with C around the clock and encourages the body to make more when there is a stress. New science—no other product does that. Available from Formula216.com 833-848-2216.

Copyright December 2020 by Martie Whittekin, CCN

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  1. Allison Bayer says:

    Thank you for the info all in one place! I’ve printed out the pdf and will be sharing with friends, and strangers if opportunity presents itself.

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