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  • Do you want antibiotics with that? Consumer reports wants you to tell Wendy’s restaurants to lay off the antibiotics in their meat. As I point out in The Probiotic Cure, this is critically important because overuse of antibiotics in food production increases the risk of passing along antibiotic resistant bacteria. Also, other bacteria can pick up those resistance genes. Antibiotics might not be effective when we desperately need them. Besides, hints of antibiotics in food find their way into our digestive tract and damage our crucial friendly bacteria. Please sign the petition.
  • Vitamin D dose and colon cancer survival. It has been a pet peeve of mine that studies sometimes report a lack of benefit from vitamin D when they were only using a tiny dose or using low blood levels as the norm. Now a small but important study found a 36% survival improvement in those on high dose vitamin D compared to 400 IU. The “high dose” was 8,000 for 2 weeks and 4,000 IU thereafter. I’m positive the results would have been even more dramatic if they had stuck with the 8,000 IU or even 10,000. Read more.
  • New insight into iron as cause of disease and an aging factor. Bill Sardi has long warned us that excess iron storage is a risk factor for heart disease, other diseases, DNA damage and early aging. That is because it is an “oxidant”. We take “anti-oxidants” to protect ourselves from those toxins. Low iron, anemia, can happen to malnourished individuals, women because they lose blood monthly and to those with bleeding ulcers. However, more often, men and post-menopausal women can store too much. That can be measured as “ferratin” but that is not on the typical blood panel. Mr. Sardi found this journal article which points out that we may be better off in the lower range of what the tests call “normal”. To help, we are advised to avoid supplements that contain iron and reduce consumption of red meat. Donating blood also helps as does the supplement IP6 from rice bran. The old timey Geritol tonic contained 50 to 100 mg of iron, a few B’s and alcohol. Now it only contains 18 mg. I wonder if they were ever sued for promoting it for energy without regard to a person’s iron level? Also, Geritol junior used to have the same amount of iron. That seems kind of crazy. Iron poisoning of children is a major risk and was a major reason childproof caps are required on supplements containing iron.
  • Clue to mysterious race horse deaths. Last week, because of the chemical’s effect on bone, I asked Dr. David Kennedy, DDS if he thought that fluoride in local tap water might be a factor in the shocking number of recent race horse fatalities in California. He thought that was likely. Research is ongoing. This is a paper called “Racehorse Breakdown and Artificially Fluoridated Water In Los Angeles.” This is another article with case studies discussed on our show.

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