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Whole body vibration, the gut and inflammation. I have been a fan of whole body vibration because it seems to help lymph drainage and who knows, it might jiggle off some fat. And, I’ve heard it may help back pain. But, now there is surprising medical news saying that spending time on a whole body vibrator also has a positive effect on our microbiome (the collection of trillions of microorganisms in our gut). Apparently it rearranges the layers of organisms and increases species that keep the lining healthier. The vibration actually leads to higher amounts of a kind of human immune cell that can reduce inflammation and improve glucose management (which is, of course, related to diabetes). It is easy—you just stand there! My own unit is kind of a big deal that I tried at a traveling demo at Costco. However, this one looks like it might be an affordable option that would be easy to store.

Deafness and blindness in a teen—caused by a junk food diet. We all know by now that a nutrient-poor, highly processed diet will ultimately lead to disease and an early death. But, did you know that the trouble could occur this early and in this way? Recent news revealed that a British 17-year-old who lived for a decade almost entirely on “chips [fries], crisps [Pringles], white bread and processed meat” became legally deaf and blind. There are many ways he could have been damaged, but the most likely culprit seems to have been a deficiency of vitamin B12. That can cause permanent nerve damage.  

On the other hand, plant foods save the day. A pretty big study (56,048 participants) in Denmark showed that “A moderate habitual intake of flavonoids is inversely associated with all-cause, cardiovascular- and cancer-related mortality.” In other words, eating colorful vegetables and fruits high in flavonoid compounds may save your life from cardiovascular disease, cancer and well, any cause. It doesn’t take a high intake. However, smokers and drinkers do need more.

Reminders about Bill Sardi.

  • In his article about various anti-aging substances, there is a chart. It might not be obvious, but you have to scroll to the right to see that vitamin C has the most powerful life-extending effect.
  • Gallbladder issue? Read his FREE BOOK on the gallbladder.
  • He recently answered a listener question about Boron, 12 mg a day, helps keep testosterone from being bound up and therefore inactive.

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