Is it safe to blindly follow government “experts”?

In the last year and a half, the government has told us to do a whole lot of things—lock down; keep your distance; wear /don’t wear a mask; wash your hands; forget nutrients and inexpensive therapies; and of course, get vaccinated. Given the money and power that the US government has at its disposal, it should give us top notch reliable health advice…right? Unfortunately, too often it does NOT. Many of us are still debating the advisability of the covid vaccine which at this point only has emergency approval. This might be a good time to do a reality check on the source of that crucial instruction. Those who dare to question government authority are accused of believing in conspiracy theories, but below is a small but representative sample of the government’s dismal track record. In a separate post, I explain some reasons for that bad advice.

  • Science has shown since the 1940’s and 1950’s that smoking tobacco causes lung cancer. (It seems quite amazing that the FDA still allows cigarettes to be sold, especially since they are so aggressive in trying to “protect” us from what they claim are the “dangers” of dietary supplements.) It was not until 1966, that the FDA at least required warnings on cigarette packs. (How many died needlessly from lung cancer in the decades before that?) To their credit, the FDA is finally planning to restrict menthol flavoring in cigarettes which encourages smoking. It is simply astonishing that in 2021, the government spends $60 million of our tax dollars per year to subsidize tobacco agriculture.
  • Government agencies encourage cities to add fluoride to their water supply. It turns out that fluoride (a toxic waste from fertilizer production) besides interfering with thyroid function, increasing blood pressure and causing other health problems, also reduces children’s IQ. Read more.
  • Respected scientists and nutrition experts agree that the USDA dietary guidelines published in 1977 and reinforced in 1992 with the original “food pyramid”, caused the current epidemic of type 2 diabetes. (2 million Americans now suffer with Type 2 diabetes and 88 million American adults are in the “prediabetes” zone. Together roughly 60% of adults!) The feds created unjustified panic about fats as a general category and they demonized eggs, and meat (foods that satisfy appetite). That unreasonable position led to an unhealthy addictive-like intake of carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, cereal, fat-free cookies and the like (foods that destabilize blood sugar). Diabetes is a primary cause of heart disease and as the government is quick to tell us, also a major risk factor for a deadly outcome from covid-19. This New York Times editorial points out that the feds also overreacted about salt.
  • Despite the massive amount of convincing science proving that sugar consumption increases the risk of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and more, the US government still spends $4 billion of our tax dollars to subsidize sugar agriculture. Likewise, billions are spent to subsidize corn agriculture making corn snacks and high fructose corn syrup cheaper.
  • The government told us that margarine was better than butter. In the 1990’s research showed that the Trans fats in margarine and shortening significantly increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Soon (in the early 2000’s) some countries banned the partially hydrogenated oils that contain trans fats. A few years later, NY and California banned Trans fats in restaurant food. Not until 2006 did the FDA require Trans fats to be listed on food labels. There is no acceptable level but the agency allowed manufacturers to list “zero” if there was ½ gram or less per serving. With some exceptions, the FDA banned trans fats in 2018, almost 20 years late.
  • Although the Environmental Protection Agency sounds the alarm that the heavy metal mercury is a potent neurotoxin, the FDA still allows mercury in dental fillings and in many consumables including high fructose corn
  • The government is allowing something like 80 thousand chemicals to end up in our food, our water and air. These chemicals cause infertility and cancer which our taxes often pay to treat.
  • In 1965, scientists began researching the use of Folic acid during pregnancy to prevent neural tube type of birth defect. By the 1980’s the research had become convincing, and the nutrition trade association lobbied the FDA to allow that information to be put on supplement labels. (They still do not allow it.) At least in 1998 the agency required grain products to be fortified with folic acid. The FDA’s delay likely resulted in 20,000 babies being born with the defect which was fatal for many.
  • We could discuss many others such as the many unfortunate drug approvals; armed raids on the offices of doctors dispensing an amino acid supplement (l-tryptophan); and FDA seizing co-Q10 off the shelves of health food stores.
  • National Institutes of Health grants helped fund dangerous virus research in the Chinese laboratory that many believe will eventually be shown to be where covid-19 was accidentally unleashed.
  • Despite public claims of safety, there are problems with vaccines of all types and, because the manufacturers have been granted immunity from liability, the government created a fund to compensate those who are hurt by vaccines or the families of those who died because of them. As of October 2019, $4.2 Billion in compensation (not including attorney’s fees and costs) has been awarded since 1988.

In a separate post, I explain some reasons for that bad advice.

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