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Of course, I learn things every week from guest experts on the show, but I also learn a lot from our listeners! Sometimes they send me interesting information and I learn from research I do to answer their questions. Here are two examples.

Stem Cell Therapy. I am an ardent believer that stem cell therapy is the most revolutionary advance in medicine in my lifetime. I know of nothing else that can so dramatically regenerate tissue, balance immune function and reduce inflammation. Stem cells are nature’s own elegant system for stimulating repair, restoring function and reducing pain. They may save patients from dangerous steroid injections (which unfortunately degenerate joints) and risky surgeries. For example, why replace a knee with an artificial one which will only last a few years when it is possible to regrow the cartilage in that bone-on-bone joint?

Knowing of my interest, a listener shared a video about stem cells. It was billed as a “documentary” but was certainly not journalism. It was a sleazy, sensationalized and wildly misleading propaganda informercial created to sell the risky and expensive surgical approach to acquiring stem cells. It discredited competing approaches by focusing on extremely rare bad apples (which you can find in any field). Our listener was not fooled, but it did make him ask about why I recommend only Infiniti Stem Cells. That is an excellent question that has an easy answer.

First, because they work! Those Infiniti Cell folks have provided over 120,000 successful therapies—including several for my own family. On the radio we have highlighted just a few of the heartwarming and dramatic recovery stories. Remember, stem cells do not treat disease, (i.e. focus on insurance billing codes). They help the body solve its own problems in the same way nature did when we were very young. (To be clear, therapy does often result in patients becoming so well that they no longer meet the criteria for a diagnosis! But, that is just the result of the body’s wisdom at work.)

Second, I am completely confident in their safely and integrity. As you may recall from previous discussions, Infiniti Cells are umbilical cord derived cells—the only source I support. FYI The other sources are: fetal cells (immoral and illegal); amniotic fluid (less potent and much less clean) and autologous (they are from the patient’s own fat or bone marrow that are surgically removed, at some risk and great expense, and then manipulated. Those cells are relatively scarce and weaker.) The Infiniti safety system starts with a thorough pre-screening of prospective donors. It continues through extensive FDA-inspected labs that take many steps to assure maximum safety, viability and to ensure that there is no contamination or degradation of quality. Also, therapies are performed by qualified medical personnel under strict guidelines.

Third, the Infinity Cell therapies are much less expensive than most other types and brands. That is because the providers are deeply committed to helping people restore their health, not to pushing unneeded procedures in order to maximize profits.

Read more about stem cells. Call (972) 303-0683 for a complimentary no-pressure consultation to see if you might be a candidate for stem cell therapy. Yes, I do promote businesses like Infiniti Stem Cells that support our show. However, know this: I only accept sponsors that I am already excited to promote!

Front line doctors / hydroxychloroquine. Another fan of the show shared a link to what almost instantly became an extremely controversial video. It is about a group of front line medical doctors who are treating covid-19 patients and had gathered for a press conference in Washington, DC. They wanted to share the success they were having with atypical therapies. One doctor became quite animated talking about the 350 patients that she had saved using hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and an antibiotic. (She has had no fatalities, even among elderly patients with the dreaded “underlying conditions”.) She said she is writing up the results but worries that many patients will die unnecessarily if we simply wait for the results to be published rather than giving the plan a try. She has nothing personally to gain if the treatment becomes more widely used.

President Trump retweeted the video and mentioned the content in a daily briefing. That is probably unfortunate in that his association with the message inspired the anti-Trump media to quickly discredit the brave frontline doctors. The networks had no trouble finding critics who would point to studies that had supposedly “proven” that hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work for covid-19 and is dangerous…never mind that some studies showed benefit and a couple of the negative studies were retracted by the medical journals. Some studies used a toxically high dose (apparently starting with 2400 mg instead of 200 mg twice a week) and had begun treatment too late in the progress of the disease. Some, if not all, the spokespersons interviewed decrying the new plan have income or at least reputations which might be harmed if this new therapy were to be taken seriously and proven useful.

Facebook, YouTube and other sites took the video down and admitted to censoring any information that goes against what the World Health Organization (WHO) says. Google has been known to even censor studies. The WHO has not been proven infallible! In any case, how are we supposed to have a productive debate if we are only allowed to hear one side of important issues? President Hubert H. Humphrey said,“Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and debate.”

(A similar problem exists surrounding vaccines. With the big covid-19 vaccine push headed our way, I encourage you to watch a debate about the vaccine between Robert F. Kennedy, JR and another famous attorney, Alan Dershowitz.) I found one website that (for the moment) still has the frontline doctors’ video available. By the way, it also describes the logical reason why hydroxychloroquine works and why it is so safe that after 65 years on the market, it is available over-the-counter to the public in several countries. Another interesting point was made. Many of the symptoms of covid-19 (loss of taste, smell, depression, etc.) are also symptoms of zinc deficiency. Hmmm, in part, hydroxychloroquine works by getting zinc into the cells.  Watch the doctors and decide for yourself. Also, look over this list of positive and negative studies on Hydroxychloroquine.

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  1. Tom says:

    Thanks for this info. I watched the “doctors” video and regularly follow Kennedy and would trust these sources before anything I hear or see on the TV news or social media sites, neither of which I follow any more. I constantly question the current Covid narrative because no opposing, alternative or questioning views are allowed. That tells me we are being played for suckers to be filled with fear and panic over a pandemic that refuses to take out millions, as we were told back in March, or is nothing as bad as compared to the 1918 flu pandemic. Bill Sardi has said, and I have heard it elsewhere, that during the summer (warmer) months, the flu usually dissipates. We never hear of the flu virus becoming widespread in the summer, only during winter. My question is if Covid is really a flu type virus, why during July did we see a spike in cases? Or, is that news false also? There are many questions about this thing that are not being investigated or answered. Take care. Tom

    • healthybynature says:

      It is tough to have a useful dialog if only one side is allowed to speak. The censorship and increasing control of us worries me more than the virus.

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