Media ignores a natural cancer breakthrough

I couldn’t resist the irony of the photo above. Plastic bottles like these are made with the hormone-disrupting plasticizer, BPA or its equally worrisome cousin, BPS. Animal studies have linked those chemicals to cancer. Therefore, using them in breast cancer fundraising is akin to selling donuts to raise money for diabetes! The media has no trouble promoting the party line of regular cancer treatments, but either doesn’t notice or is afraid to mention nutrition even if it alters the course of cancer. Thank goodness Bill Sardi noticed the studies and is brave enough to tell us about them.

Science has long proclaimed that toxins (like those from pesticides and smoking) are “associated with” cancer. It is much less clear exactly how they do so. Researchers are quite clear that dietary sugar fuels cancer’s growth. They also believe that a breakdown in connective tissue may allow it to spread to other tissues. Bill Sardi explains this more fully in his articles to which I will link shortly.

Mr. Sardi also helps us understand that all cells must have the mineral calcium to function. If normal cells are damaged (e.g. from toxins, radiation or some such), they release calcium to surrounding cells. Some neighboring cells absorb that extra calcium which then spurs them to become cancerous. (Extra amounts of calcium in a cell is one way a scientist knows it is cancerous.)

So, it stands to reason, if we can somehow disrupt the way a cancer cell manages its calcium, we can cause it to die. Pharmaceutical companies have tried to create drugs to either stop the flow of calcium inside the cancer cell or to flood the cell with calcium. So far, they have not succeeded in finding something effective for which they can charge 10’s of thousands of dollars per treatment. However, Bill Sardi found research into a natural method of disrupting cancer cells’ calcium metabolism using combination of inexpensive supplements.* Note, this procedure, although in quantities routinely taken for other purposes, is not for offered as prevention, but rather to fight back after a diagnosis. Obviously, we will never hear about the natural approach from the drug companies (or the government experts that they control). Fortunately, Mr. Sardi’s article gives the scientific backing and a lot of supplemental information. Anyone with cancer should read the whole article (and maybe more than once). Link to his simpler article here, What Initiates Cancer? For those who want more detail, he also wrote this article. (For general cancer information, you can also read my articles in the Library such as this one on Cancer Prevention and Treatment.)

* To help anyone in a hurry to start, I copied this from Bill Sardi’s longer article: Calcium (1200-1500 mg/day), Selenium (100-200 mcg/day), Vitamin D3 (8000-10,000 IU/day), IP6 rice bran extract (800+ mg/day), Peppermint oil for menthol (optional). He advised to “take these dietary supplements daily on an empty stomach if possible to induce cancer cell death via overwhelming release of calcium within tumor cells.  Healthy cells will not be harmed.” You should tell if you feel better and at your next checkup you can get verification that things are headed in the right direction. (I should remind you that he is NOT selling anything. He is merely sending people to health food stores for any good brand of these specific individual supplements.) Usually I recommend lots of magnesium for prevention of trouble, but since it keeps balance with calcium, maybe just during this treatment it might make sense not to go out of your way to take more than what is in your multi.

I trust his expertise and sincerity. For my general good health I personally take his Molecular Multi and Longevinex.

4 Responses

  1. Connie says:

    What type of calcium is recommended?

    • healthybynature says:

      No particular type was mentioned, but I’d think calcium citrate would be more likely to have an effect than the cheap calcium carbonate.

  2. Carolyn White says:

    I listened to the show in the archives and started my husband on the protocol. Couple of things i dont recall seeing addressed were: does the form of calcium matter, and what kind of time frame for taking the supplements in this way?

    • healthybynature says:

      Hello Carolyn, The form of calcium isn’t critical but I would avoid carbonate because it is so poorly absorbed. As far as I know there is no particular time frame because each person is different. I suggest you also read the articles in the show Library. They are in the section “Immune and Cancer”. We are in the process of redoing the section headings so at the moment it takes a little more looking.

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