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When I see how much there is yet for us to learn about optimum health, I start wishing I had a radio show every day. Then I remember how hard it is to manage a show once a week and the thought quickly passes.

From Ronald Hoffman, MD

I had already planned to include a link to two articles on this fabulous doctor’s website. Then, today, I got his great newsletter. I added two more of his interesting tidbits (and borrowed the graphic).

  • “Everyone knows” that COFFEE is a diuretic, right?… Hah! Dr. Hoffman linked to a 2014 research article that put that myth to rest.
  • “Everyone knows” that CHOLESTEROL in food is bad, right? What if cholesterol is actually brain food? In the newsletter, Dr. Hoffman said, “The brain needs cholesterol for synthesis of myelin, the waxy sheaths that insulate nerve tracts.” He then went on to discuss multiple sclerosis (MS) and an animal study. It showed that when the scientists enriched the mouse chow with cholesterol, it helped slow damage and even began repair of the damaged nerves. (Those with a special interest in MS should read his article, 17 natural ways to treat Multiple Sclerosis.) The good doctor also points to stats showing that cholesterol that is too LOW is linked to dementia.
  • “Everyone knows” that SATURATED FAT is bad, right?…In Dr. Hoffman’s article, The weak case against saturated fats, he says that there is scant science to support the common demonization of saturated fat. It seems to be another case of using too broad a brush (like when “they” told us that ALL FAT was bad.)
  • “Everyone knows” that PSYCHIATRY is scientific and helpful, right?…Dr. Hoffman, who bases his advice on what the science actually says, wrote this:Is Psychiatry an Unscientific Mess? [You might also be interested in this article I found, Do antidepressants work better than placebo?]

From Jim LaValle, RpH, CCN: On the show Saturday, I asked him what natural steps to take for conditions such as allergy, GERD, constipation or autoimmune conditions before resorting to drugs. I said I would review his answer.

  • Change the diet. If the issue is related to the immune system, inflammation, or GERD, get off gluten and dairy. Chew your food better. And try to get 7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
  • Get the minerals back [e.g. magnesium and zinc]
  • Rebalance the gut bacteria. [Hint—they like vegetables, spices and fiber.]
  • He is also a big fan of exercise.

From Bill Sardi:  Our favorite guest is a prolific writer, but also sends me other articles he comes across.

From Green Med Info

  • An international study confirms that LDL cholesterol does NOT predict heart disease risk.
  • An article from the site founder (and one time guest on Healthy by Nature), Sayer Ji, details that the chemicals in nail polish are linked to cancer, obesity, autoimmune disease and more.

From Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman, Children’s Health Defense

  • Kennedy’s presentation shows studies that the “authorities” say do not exist about side effects of immunization.

I hope to save you some reading by doing this cherry picking.

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