8 health and happiness improvements for no cost

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: I’ll talk with Dr. Kyl Smith, author of Brighter Mind, about how to get our brains to work more effectively (e.g. focus, memory, mood, decision making and even mental energy).  Athletes and anyone who exercises will want to hear Massage Therapist, Lori Walter explain the surprising benefits of stretching. She will also dispel some myths about stretching. Click here to find podcasts, show archives and ways to listen nationwide. Call with questions at 1-800-281-8255.


Dr. Kyl Smith is giving a lecture on restoring memory and protecting our brains. Time: This Sat. (11/12) at 10:30 AM. Place: HealthWorks Center, SW corner of Independence and Parker in Plano, TX. (Behind RadioShack) Cost: Free.

On the radio program we’ve talked with Jordan Rubin (author of The Maker’s Diet) about his ranch and the intriguing foods he planned to offer in his virtual farmers market, Beyond Organic. Many of you signed up to be Insiders in order to track the progress toward launch. Now you can actually place orders! I was impressed at the healthfulness, but now I’ve actually tasted some of these products and they are delicious. There are various ways to buy: as a retail consumer or as a member who receives discounts or even as a member who wants to profit from spreading the good word to friends and family. Learn more.


So often it seems that when we learn about something that can improve our health it means purchasing a product or service. I thought it would be a pleasant relief to remind ourselves about some health positives that don’t cost a penny.

Breathe more deeply. Oxygen not only makes our brains come alive, it also fuels our immune cells. The mere act of focusing on breath is also a stress reliever. There are other benefits. LINK

Take a walk. We now know that sitting all day (even at a desk) is hard on us even if we do regular exercise before or after work. Conversely, being active has many fringe benefits, even on mood. LINK

Chew more thoroughly. Someone who attended one of my seminars told me that better chewing solved a digestive problem for her. I discuss chewing and other aids to digestion in my book.

Keep a gratitude journal. Write down a list of things for which you are grateful. It really relieves frustration and improves our attitude to focus on positives. Also, we tend to get more of what we think most about, so thinking about good things makes a lot of sense. (You don’t have to have a fancy book to make the journal. Why not make it environmentally greener by writing on the blank backs of the fundraising mail that politicians are sending you?)

Pray. That’s another lovely way to focus on positives and recruit powerful help with your challenges.

Avoid sodas and other sweetened beverages. These beverages do not fill us up but sure do pack on the pounds and launch us on the road to diabetes. Sometimes you will hear dietitians say they aren’t so bad, but could that be because they receive funding from Coca Cola? LINK  Don’t forget that the sweet coffee drinks are in this category.

Drink more water. Drink it between meals rather than diluting your digestive juices. Of course, I assume you know by now that I’m not talking about tap water. There is just too much junk in tap water that city processing cannot remove. Unfortunately, most bottled water isn’t much better and then you have to wonder about the bottle itself. You could take all that money you save by avoiding sweet drinks and buy a home water filter. I recommend Aquasana because it is very affordably priced, removes the most contaminants and retains the minerals. The water ends up being less expensive per gallon than even those pitcher type filters. They give my readers a big discount if you use the code Martie. LINK

Read this newsletter. Here and there you might pick up something that works for you and it is free.

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