Steve Jobs. Research on colds, ADHD in kids & depression in the elderly

Healthy by Nature radio show this week: Jordan Rubin, the author of The Maker’s Diet and now a supercharged gentleman rancher answers my questions about his new virtual farmer’s market, Beyond Organic. (At the time I taped the show I hadn’t tasted the foods. Now I have. Oh my goodness…yummy.) Then educator Bruce Topping and I talk about how systemic enzymes can relieve inflammation and a lot of common aches and pains. Here is the company he is with, Wobenzym N and a site I found that is very rich with information on the topic. LINK

By the way, next week, Nov 26, is an all new show. It is so powerful that if you will be out of town for the holiday, I urge you to plan for listening by internet or XM/Sirius 131. At the least, check out the archives when you return. Click here to find podcasts, show archives and ways to listen nationwide.

The Thanksgiving edition of this newsletter will be shorter than usual and earlier than usual-I am aiming for Tuesday.

 In DFW-area this Saturday
Attend a Beyond Organic Seminar and product tasting. Kenny and Adrienne Phillips will host. Also, Gayle Pruitt has become an expert on the important health differences in dairy products from breeds of cows and will contribute. There is no charge. 10:30-11:30 AM. Location: HealthWorks Center, SW corner of Parker and Independence in Plano. Map.

The rest of the story on Steve Jobs illness and treatment. Bill Sardi wrote a very revealing story about this subject. Apparently, Apple founder Steve Jobs wasn’t the unreasonable reckless patient he was portrayed to be. LINK

Upper respiratory tract infections. This is the time of year that “stuff” is going around, notably things that make us cough and sneeze. A recent study showed that men who supplemented Vitamin C and E had fewer such infections. Women seemed to get enough benefit from foods that were higher in Vitamin C. There was no connection shown for them with Vitamin E and prevention of these problems. LINK

Omega 3 fats and ADHD. The studies just keep coming. A recent study of children showed that those whose blood levels were higher in the omega 3 fat EPA were also lower in anxiety and shyness. Those whose blood was higher in the omega 3 DHA were better at reading. In contrast, those whose blood had more omega 6 were poorer in reading, vocabulary, spelling and attention. Overall those with learning problems had lower levels of omega 3 fats. LINK

Omega 3 fats and depression in the elderly. Seniors with depressive symptoms are at greater risk of progressing from mild cognitive impairment to dementia. (Plus they aren’t very happy.) This double blind randomized intervention study in subjects over 65 showed that supplementing with omega 3 fats containing EPA and DHA improved depressive scores and verbal fluency.  The control group took omega 6 and did not improve. Clearly people do not outgrow their need for the omega 3 fats. LINK

NOTE: Flax oil does not contain DHA or EPA-those come from fish oil. Where do we get omega 6? Mostly from vegetable oils like corn oil, soy oil, grape seed oil, etc. So, for supplementing I like Nordic Naturals products, available from our sponsors Natural Grocers and RealFoodGrocery also carries my favorite cooking oil that is even richer in the healthy monounsaturated fats than olive oil and the very small amount of omega 3 and 6 it contains are evenly balanced. MacNut Oil is also buttery delicious and heat stable. It comes in 2 sizes. I’d buy the big one because you’ll love it. (It also makes a nice hostess gift and shipping on two large bottles is FREE.)

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