Heartburn and its annoying relatives


Heartburn and its annoying relatives



If you have been listening to the Healthy by Nature Show in North Texas on The Word KWRD 100.7 FM, please be aware that the show is moving to KWRD’s sister station KEXB 620 AM. Although the show may air on both stations briefly, please switch to the new station NOW…we sure don’t want to lose anyone! The change is scary, but will allow us to reach a much wider audience. Those loyal folks who have listened for 18 years may remember that we actually started out on 620 AM in the beginning. We had to move on when the signal sold to Disney for kids. Lots has changed since then. Next week I’ll let you know more about the new station. Meanwhile, please put a post-it-note on the fridge and if you can, set a radio preset for that position.


Healthy by Nature radio show this week

Dr. Mark Pedersen is a Naturopathic Doctor and formulator of nutritional supplements. He is also the author of two books, nine patents and many scientific articles. We will talk about how herbs made a big impact on his life and why the many drugs derived from plants may not be as safe as the herb that was the original source. We also cover the benefits of the super fruits and minerals that comprise one of favorite supplements, Fruit of the Spirit. (By the way FOS sponsored his appearance and will offer listeners a nice discount.)

There are lots of hidden threats in our environment, so even a person who does virtually everything right (like nutrition genius Bill Sardi) can have something go wrong. We will discuss Bill’s recent visit to the hospital and his frustrations with the system as well as the actions he took with the aim of keeping a relatively small problem from becoming a much bigger one. Read his entire account. See the heartburn section below for another topic we talked about.

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Heartburn and its annoying relatives

In the newsletter last week we investigated what the pilgrims and Indians ate at the first Thanksgiving. Reviewing that menu, I’m pretty sure that none of the party goers suffered from heartburn, indigestion, acid reflux, GERD, etc. (The settlers also fasted before the feast and thereby made room for the extra calories. That is uncommon here, right? On the day before Americans more likely would have enjoyed a big spread at the office or a pre-feast with another relative.)

Most meals in the US (especially the holiday variety) contain combinations of food that don’t digest well together, like starches and sugars when combined with almost anything else. Unfortunately, the commonly advertised acid blocking drugs can have very serious side effects if taken for more than a few weeks. (Please don’t take any medical advice from Larry the Cable Guy. And strongly question any MD who thinks it is okay to stay on those drugs formonths or years.)

On the show this week we will briefly touch on Bill Sardi’s creation, Garligest. If there is ever a third edition of my book, Natural Alternative to Nexium, Maalox, Tagament, Prilosec & Other Acid Blockers: What to Use to Relieve Acid Reflux, Heartburn, and Gastric Ailments, first I’ll try to talk the publisher into a shorter title. I will also include a recommendation for Garligest. It is a brilliantly formulated natural combination that should solve many digestive issues. I’ve gotten great feedback from listeners who use it. Click here to learn more and buy or call 866-674-3955.

If you suffer from heartburn, one or more of these articles in our Library might be useful. (Although my book is inexpensive and reportedly a good reference about digestion in general, if you solve your problem with this free information you might not need to buy it.)

Kissing Bugs


Don’t these sound cute? Unfortunately, these critters have been in the news because of their ability to infect people with a form of sleeping sickness, Chagas. (Maybe we should change the name to Killer Kissing Bugs.) In a recent newsletter, Howard Garrett said they won’t bite if you have bed bugs…but that doesn’t seem to be a great trade. He also noted that the sickness comes from the bug poop, so it is important to avoid scratching a bite until the general area has been washed with soap and water. Read more details on this page of his website, DirtDoctor.com.


Last Week Follow-up

LISTEN to that show in the archives.

Landscape architect and organic horticulturist Howard Garrett was my guest. We talked about the toxicity of the weed killer Roundup® and its relationship to GMO foods. An important show! Howard is a landscape architect, organic expert, nationally-syndicated radio host, author and a newspaper columnist. His website, DirtDoctor.com is a treasure of resources for solving problems around the yard and home. His impressive titles include:

Texas Bug Book: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
The Organic Manual: Natural Gardening for the 21st Century
Organic Lawn Care: Growing Grass the Natural Way
Texas Organic Vegetable Gardening: The Total Guide to Growing Vegetables, Fruits,Herbs, and Other Edible Plants the Natural Way

Other links you might want: The Non-GMO Project. My interview with GMO expert,Jonathan R. Latham, PhD. 

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