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I am very interested to hear what author and radio show host, Shoshana Bennett, PhD has to say about today’s crisis in postpartum depression. She is the author of 3 books: Children of The Depressed; Pregnant on Prozac and Postpartum Depression For Dummies. That interview is live as is my visit with Darcy Brunk, DC regarding his recent small study on carpal tunnel syndrome. I’ll also ask about his patriot project. Feel free to call with questions about any structural issue at 1-800-281-8255. Click here to find podcasts, show archives and how to listen nationwide.


Holiday Shopping for Health
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Holiday shopping is a chore for some and a joy for others. Personally, I am much more excited about giving presents than receiving them. On recent shows we’ve discussed some novel gifts of health. Here are a few more thoughts on that topic.

GIFT CARDS. Gift card are a mixed bag for me. They are quick and easy for sure but, I feel as though I’m cheating a bit. It can seem as though no particular thought or effort was invested in finding something appropriate to the person…kind of like handing them a check. However, you will never hear me complain about receiving a Chico’s card because it allows me to buy something that I like but would usually not buy for myself. (I once had a discount card at a department store where I worked and then worked for Goodwill Industries. After that I was spoiled and now when I shop it may well be at garage sales!)

GIFT CERTIFICATES. I think these are more of a treat than the cards. Good examples are ones for massages or facials. Hmm…This is beginning to sound like my letter to Santa but I’m not sure he subscribes.

ADVERTISED ITEMS. TV commercials remind us the season is near when we start seeing lots of then for perfume (natural products with essential oils instead of chemicals would be better for health), jewelry, watches, and cars. I saved the ad slicks that were in our Thanksgiving and Sunday newspaper. The collection weighed 8 pounds! I’m glad they were in there because I let my fingers do the shopping (remember phone books?) and save time and gas driving around. (The fliers are probably crucial to keeping the newspaper alive too.) Below are a few observations about items in the ads.

  • Candied popcorn, candy and cotton candy makers. You can imagine what I’d have to say about the sugar in those. Gift baskets of dried fruits, nuts and dark chocolate would be a healthier choice. The assortments of white crackers, processed meats and pretend cheeses are not a great choice. I was relieved to see that at least there are now fewer hot dog cookers being pitched.
  • Drink blenders. The various Bullets and other machines might be a good choice as long as a booklet with recipes for vegetable drinks comes along with them. Remember the adage, “Eat your fruit and drink your vegetables.” Avoid smoothies that contain as many teaspoons of sugar as a soft drink.
  • Magnetic pads and jewelry. I bought a number of gifts from and a couple of items for me in case Santa didn’t get my email.
  • Electronic tracker. There are many brands. I gave husband Bill a Fitbit Charge HR that not only tracks steps and sleep, but also heart rate and shows the time.
  • Electric toothbrush. I am happy with Sonicare brand my dentist, Kozlow approves. It not only does a good job of cleaning, it has a timer function to guide you and massages the gums. Dr. Kozlow is cautious about Waterpik because it can do damage if not held perpendicular to the tooth and run on a low setting. Flossing is better but not a charming gift.
  • Wine and coffee gifts. Look for organic.
  • Flowers. Maybe it is just me, but I prefer a plant such as a poinsettia or orchid which will last many weeks and with a little coaching will bloom again. Cut flowers are beautiful but require a lot of maintenance to keep them from going bad. I’ve also noticed that bargain roses seem to droop instead of opening. Was the trip from Ecuador just too long?
  • Drones. Oh my. Nearly every ad offered one. They come in all price ranges, so the sky may soon become dark with them. I think they are probably fun but I have no use for one, so Santa, I’m not hinting.

In case you will be traveling, Have a very Merry Christmas, (or Hanukkah, Kwanza, Festivus or whatever is appropriate. Insert smiley face here.)



  • SAVE THE DATE. Spring Natural HealthFest will be MAY 7th in RICHARDSON, TX.


Last Week Follow-up

LISTEN to that show in the archives.

Dr. Mark Pedersen is a Naturopathic Doctor and formulator of nutritional supplements. He is also the author of two books, nine patents and many scientific articles. We talked about how herbs made a big impact on his life and why the many drugs derived from plants may not be as safe as the herb that was the original source. We also covered the benefits of the super fruits and minerals that comprise one of my favorite supplements, Fruit of the Spirit. (By the way FOS sponsored his appearance and offered listeners a nice discount.)

There are lots of hidden threats in our environment, so even a person who does virtually everything right (like nutrition genius Bill Sardi) can have something go wrong. We discussed Bill’s recent visit to the hospital and his frustrations with the system as well as the actions he took with the aim of keeping a relatively small problem from becoming a much bigger one. Read his entire account. We talked briefly about 2 of his creative formulas, Garligest for heartburn (and other digestive complaints) and Longevinex which I think is powerful for macular degeneration, slowing aging, protection of the heart and a zillion other things as noted in my article.

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