New blood pressure standards raise questions

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What supposedly constitutes a healthy blood pressure level has changed. It seems bizarre that roughly ½ the population now may need treatment for hypertension.  Read Bill Sardi’s explanation and expert analysis on the recent news. Obviously diet and lifestyle are the first choice for correction, but Bill Sardi has collected impressive research that points to a mineral deficiency as a major cause of elevated blood pressure. We will discuss that on the show Saturday and answer your questions.

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 The numbers game?
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As noted above, the American Heart Association recently changed the guidelines for what should be considered high blood pressure. The original guidelines didn’t come down from the mount etched into stone tablets and of course, neither did the changes. They are both the product of research. It seems foolish to assume that because they came from studies the numbers are unfailingly reliable. Consider:

  • New research overrules prior research. So, that means future research will cast doubt on the current news.
  • Researchers set out to test their assumptions. In this case they most likely assumed that lower blood pressure would be better. However, Dr. John Young has told us that his senior patients with blood pressure at the low levels recommended are often likely to faint and fall! So, a study of that assumption might well come to different conclusions.
  • There are a great many variable factors involved in a study of humans and, so it is very easy for a study to develop a bias. One subtle influence on a study is who is sponsoring the study or who might be paying researchers for outside work like consulting. This article in the Washington Post on that factor was interesting: As drug industry’s influence over research grows, so does the potential for bias.
  • When the standards changed, it can have a huge economic impact. This article in the Seattle Times shows how many additional people are prescribed drugs when one of these standards is tweaked: Suddenly Sick. The data in the article is not current (e.g. note that the standard for upper level blood pressure in 2005 went from 160/100 down to 140/90), but the principles have not changed.

Even if the new numbers are excellent targets for most people, we hope that doctors strongly encourage changes in diet and lifestyle before getting their patients dependent upon 2, 3 and sometimes more drugs (with their attendant side effects) to get the pressure down. We will consider some natural approaches on the show this week and in the blog next week.


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  Last Week Follow-up

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