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What are we to believe?
TV ads imply that men all have “Low T” (testosterone) and need what the sponsor is selling. But, then the headlines written about a 2013 study, say that men who supplement testosterone will have a heart attack or stroke and die. As usual, the truth lies somewhere between the two extremes. Testosterone is a hormone that both women and men have but, obviously, men have more. It has an important impact on muscle, bone density, body hair and sexual function. Because it also helps athletic performance, testosterone has led to high profile doping scandals.
The abstract of the study in question concluded that men in the Veterans Administration (VA) health care system who (1) had low serum testosterone levels and (2) had medical images made of their arteries, were more likely to have more negative health outcomes if they used testosterone therapy than if they did not. The absolute difference in risk was 5.8% (significant but not huge).

That seems odd since previous research showed cardiovascular benefit from testosterone:
   •In a 40-year study (also published this year) men with higher total testosterone levels had a lower risk of mortality from heart disease and most other causes (except cancer). LINK.
   •A study of male veterans published in 2006 showed that low testosterone levels were associated with increased mortality.LINK.
   •In a recent German study, testosterone therapy resulted in meaningful long term weight loss. Note: this was in men who were low in testosterone.LINK.
   •Another recent study (of 991 US Air Force veterans) showed that obesity is one cause of a decline in testosterone. So, it looks like a bit of a vicious circle. Being fat reduces testosterone which in turn makes you fat which lowers testosterone etc. LINK.

Here are some thoughts on the current headline-grabbing negative research:
   •The study was not prospective. That means that they did not take two groups and put them on different programs to see what happened to each group, but rather observed events that occurred randomly in the past. (This type study is less accurate.)
   •There were wide differences in the condition of various participants. (Those who took supplemental hormones may have done so because they were in poorer health and felt worse.)
   •Since the groups were not controlled during the study period, treatments also varied greatly. For example, some were likely on high doses while others were on low doses. Some may have had natural hormones, others synthetics. Some drugs were well absorbed types, but others not.
   •It isn’t clear how relevant the findings are to the general population because men in the VA system are known to have a greater than average number of health problems.

Bottom line: There may be a pearl of wisdom in the study or more likely one to be gained from highly controlled future studies to follow up on this one. My main concern is with how the media portrays these studies—by over simplifying and sensationalizing.

Next week in the newsletter: Avoiding hormone replacement pitfalls and how to build hormone health naturally.

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LINK to that show in the archives. Award-winning editor and journalist James J. Gormley has a new book: Health at Gunpoint. No, we didn’t talk about the political gun control issue, but rather why the Food and Drug Administration has used firearms in its misguided campaign to keep the public from taking dietary supplements. We discussed FDA’s plans for Trans fats. I talked with Jonathan Scott, the contractor twin on the reality show, Property Brothers (and others).

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