Stinky Computer / Weak study on Osteoporosis

Healthy by Nature radio show this week
Award-winning editor and journalist James J. Gormley has a new book: Health at Gunpoint. No, we won’t be talking about the political gun control issue, but rather why the Food and Drug Administration has used firearms in its misguided campaign to keep the public from taking dietary supplements. James can tell us what makes the agency tick and answer your questions. But first, a fun celebrity interview: I talk with Jonathan Scott, the contractor twin on the reality show, Property Brothers (and others). Call the live show with questions at 1-800-281-8255. Click here to find podcasts, show archives and how to listen nationwide.

Stinking computer!
I’ve called my computer worse names than that! However, in this case I’m referring to Dell’s Latitude 6430u. They garnered angry complaints because the laptops smelled like over-ripe litter boxes. According to an Associated Press article, one owner was ashamed that he had been repeatedly scolding his elderly cat for spray-marking the computer. Dell reportedly corrected the manufacturing process that they blamed. They claimed the smell was not toxic to users and made amends with the troubled customers. I mention this issue mainly because it is hilarious. But, the incident also serves as a reminder that not all technology is checked out properly before it is unleashed on consumers. Also, I do not trust manufacturers to decide what is non-toxic—especially if they are not required to prove safety and if they could be sued for millions by admitting toxicity.

Weak study on bone strength
A recent study in the journal Lancet reviewed several other studies and concluded that supplementing vitamin D did not seem to help with bone density. LINK. The study and the researchers’ conclusion were widely-publicized in spite of the fact that they seem a bit wacky on several counts:
•9 of the 23 studies included mainly white subjects. However, dark skinned folks are much more routinely deficient in vitamin D.
•The supplement levels maxed out at 800 IU daily (the silly government guideline). In contrast, the experts at the nonprofit Vitamin D Council say that it takes most adults in the range of 4,000-5,000 IU a day to maintain adequate blood levels.
•In 6 of the studies there was significant benefit. So, apparently there are certain groups for whom supplementing is quite beneficial but we don’t know which groups or how much they took.
•Given the great many other benefits of vitamin D and the rarity of any side effects, the authors’ final recommendation to avoid vitamin D supplements does not seem a logical takeaway but rather evidence of an anti-supplement bias.

Gluten Grief
That headline is the title of a new article I wrote for our website. While it draws on newsletters that I’ve written in the past, it adds information and puts it all into one place. That makes it easier to forward it to folks whose health you think may be affected by grains in their diet. Remember to register for the FREE online Gluten Summit. Each day, 3-4 interviews will be available to watch on demand for a 24 hour period. The information could be life-changing as you learn the importance of these new healthy practices for you and your family. The dates are November 11-17. Register here!

What’s coming up?
Free Dallas area lectures on energy and wellness Saturday afternoon, November 16. Details at this link.

Also, if you are in the DFW area, mark your calendar for Saturday, Dec. 7. A big event is planned with remote broadcast of our program, demos, samples, refreshments and great prizes. Details soon.

Last Week Follow-up
LINK to that show in the archives. Our guests included Vicky Little, a chef/health coach trained at the famous Le Cordon Bleu; Occupational Therapist/oncology specialist, Suzy Edmonson; and integrative physician, Constantine Kotsanis, MD. This panel applies gourmet meals, nutrition, and lifestyle issues along with other innovative approaches to integrative cancer care. All three guests have also used these practices to help themselves and their families overcome various health challenges such as autoimmune disease and food sensitivities.

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