Which toxin will be the straw?

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As usual, Bill Sardi has done some amazing detective work. By putting together scientific data from various sources, he can declare lead toxicity as a major cause of disease and disability…and more shockingly, the #4 cause of death in the US. This is a link to his must read article. We will discuss this threat and our recommendations for lowering our lead burden. I suspect we will also talk about the looming censorship of information about alternative medicine.

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Our bodies were not intended to carry such a burden
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Which will be the one toxic “straw” that literally breaks the camel’s back…or gives it cancer or a heart attack or Alzheimer’s?

When a tanker truck of chemicals overturns or there is a chemical plant explosion or more rarely a high profile industrial chemical contamination of a food, the authorities (government and professionals) show real concern. However, they seem unconcerned that there are tens of thousands of chemicals in the air, food, water and commercial products to which we are exposed every single day. These toxins gradually accumulate in our cells and wreak havoc on normal cellular processes.

You’ve likely seen reports of animals that no longer reproduce normally and there is a mountain of evidence in the medical literature that toxins harm humans in numerous ways…causing cancer, birth defects and infertility as examples. Recently, a tiny bit of attention is being paid to the fact that chemicals can also damage our probiotic organisms that perform so many crucial functions for us. 

Those two paragraphs are the opening in my recently updated Toxins page in this website’s Library. In it, I go on to give important information about Lead, Fluoride, Mercury, Pesticides / Weed killers, BPA, Smoking and Radiation. There are also a bunch of great resources on those topics and more.

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Quote of the week


“The dose makes the poison.”*

*(We can get to a poisonous dose a little tiny bit at a time.)


LAST WEEK Follow-up

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My guest was Dr. Darcy Brunk. He answered listener questions about the very exciting possibilities for regeneration of degenerated tissues using stem cells. See the blog this week for a head start. For a consultation and appropriate x-rays at no charge and/or a free e-book, Stem Cells Made Simple, call (972) 303-0683 and mention Healthy by Nature. 


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