REgenerate the tissues that time and trauma DEgenerate

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Mainstream medicine in the US is the world’s best at saving lives in an emergency! However, sadly, those brilliant physicians are neither trained in how to slow our gradual age-related slide into poor health nor in how to reverse damage and degeneration and to resist infectious disease using the body’s own impressive machinery.

When the problem is Bone-on-Bone Knee or a Bum Hip, conventional medicine is happy to install a new synthetic joint. That will hopefully last a few years, but at what cost in risk, pain, rehab time and co-pays?. Back trouble? Steroid injections are often the first step offered, but those can worsen the underlying problem. Another option for joints is a series of gel injections, but those sometimes don’t go to exactly the right spot and are a temporary fix. Hyaluronic acid shots are not without risk too. The next step is to take out the scalpel and perform what too often becomes only the first of a series of back surgeries. (Data shows that 84% of people are still in pain years after the first surgery.)

If the problem is neurological, e.g. Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Traumatic Brain Injury or Cerebral Palsy, the usual method is medication to make the worst of the symptoms tolerable. (It is a clue to where I’m headed that those exact conditions are case studies listed in the book, Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy that was written by 2 doctors.) 

If a patient’s concern is aging, the entrenched system is happy to pat us on the head and provide a pharmaceutical for every pain, complaint and errant blood test along the way. Of course, as well all know, if we’ve ever listened to the audio of a TV drug commercial, ALL medications have side effects. The drug side effects are sometimes deadly and at the least routinely generate the need for other prescriptions for the new complaints.

What if there was a therapy for ALL of those problems discussed above that was effective, fast, safe, long-lasting, easy and very nearly painless? Well, God provided exactly that! The same awesome power that built the body before birth and repaired it in our youth (stem cells) can be supplemented to put our various parts and systems back in proper working order. That might seem a bit too good to be true, but I can assure you that it is real and science proves it. If you did not hear the show August 3, 2018, I highly recommend that you listen to it. You will hear astonishing recovery stories from a debilitating back problem, bone on bone knees, Parkinson’s, kidney failure and even stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. (If stem cells can get our immune system to defeat that horrible issue, we shouldn’t be surprised that stem cells can also resolve scary viral infections. Since stem cells target any area with damage and/or inflammation, regeneration of shoulder problems, elbow problems and meniscus tears have become routine.You might ask, if that is really possible, why hasn’t my doctor recommended stem cells? That’s because breakthroughs often take 40 years to become common in medical practice (e.g. folic acid to prevent a type of birth defect). Change from current dogma is just naturally slow.  And, worse yet, if we are talking about something natural for a disease (think vitamins and herbs for instance), it can take even longer because pharmaceutical companies will pull out all the stops to slow any competing approach. Those very smart and well-funded giant companies are now firmly in control of medical schools, medical journals and the regulators at both national and state levels. Their billions in advertising also influence the media, so they are very effective at casting serious doubt on anything they don’t profit from.

In preparing this post, I borrowed another book (heavy and $295!) called MSC—Clinical Evidence Leading Medicine’s Next Frontier, Mesenchymal Stem Cells. The leading edge of that “frontier” is already available to us. I’ve seen and personally experienced the mind-blowing improvements stem cells can make. However, not all types of stem cells are the same and you probably have questions. Here are some of the answers:

  • How do they work? It seems that having responded to distress signals from tissues, the stem cells then may encourage other cells into repair action. They can also become whatever type of cell is needed.
  • Will they help MY problem? That’s the main question isn’t it? The most common uses (with great results) are for knees, back, Achilles tendon and other issues involving ligaments, tendons and bones. On the government science database,, you can read through thousands of papers on umbilical stem cells and find encouraging studies for example on cardiovascular disease, diabetes as well as both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. For structural issues, I think it is smart to have a good chiropractor make sure everything is where it is supposed to be. You don’t want to have to do stem cells again because you failed to fix a misalignment that was causing recurring damage. If the problem is in the brain (e.g. trauma, stroke, depression or anxiety for example) I’d recommend giving the Body Light Pad a try along with stem cells.

If you have a complaint caused by degeneration or trauma even to nerve tissue, the answer is still likely “yes” it will help. However, the doctors I know and trust to provide stem cells do not treat any “diagnosis” using them. Although stem cells can be injected very close to a trouble spot, the cells are actually smarter than we are. They respond to distress calls from cells (inflammation is an example) and may go wherever they are the most needed in the body. That is why I get an infusion of stem cells periodically just to nip any problems of aging in the bud. That is also why I think that it sometimes takes longer than the usual few weeks for people to see the specific regeneration that brought them in…the cells might have been busy repairing something even more important. Listen to this 30 minute interview with experts on Stem Cells.

  • How will I know? First get a consultation. I have worked it out with the network I use to provide you with a consultation at no cost if you mention Healthy by Nature. It can be done by phone. Call (800) 507-6509 from anywhere in the country and they will tell you the nearest location. (Doctors interested in offering this method can also call the same number.) If you can get to the DFW area, Dr. Brunk will even comp your x-rays if needed, again if you mention HBN.
  • What is the best type? From my investigation it seems clear that stem cells from human umbilical cords are far and away the most effective, least expensive and safest. Those umbilical cords are often claimed by the mother at birth and stored for her future use. Those that are not would otherwise become medical waste. The umbilical cords are tightly controlled by what is the equivalent of blood banks. The source that seems to have the most careful quality control and density of cells extracted from the cords is called “Infiniti Matrix”.
  • Is it expensive and does insurance cover it? It is hard to answer that question because budgets vary. It is a tremendous value if the procedure gives you your life back! Some clinics charge outrageous prices. (Especially those that harvest your own tired old stem cells with invasive and scary liposuction or bone marrow extractions.) The type and providers I recommend may be no more costly than the co-pay would be for some of the surgical procedures that would be the mainstream alternative. It is unlikely that insurance will cover any stem cell procedure because they like to stay in the good graces of big pharma. (If they were smart, they would!)
  • Why don’t we already have enough stem cells? When we are born, we are endowed with an enormous number of stem cells. That is because they are needed to build tissues and organs of all types and help us grow. Unfortunately, as we age like so many other systems, their numbers decline…more rapidly if we have not been kind to our body. When older, we have a harder time rebounding from stresses and injury. By the time we are age 80, we only have 1% as many stem cells as we did at birth!
  • Is the procedure FDA approved? The FDA has approved some stem cell procedures for certain types of cancers. On the other hand, they have sent warning letters to some fringe operators like clinics that injected a different type of material right into the eyeball. (Yikes! I would never recommend that.) Otherwise, they have neither approved or disapproved of what I am suggesting here. Hopefully, all providers of Human Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy will be as careful as my folks are and not give the FDA a reason to weigh in.(It is a topic for another day, but the importance of FDA approval is greatly exaggerated. E.g. almost a third of the drugs they approve have not been shown to work.)
  • Does it hurt? Not in my experience. It is a very small needle I hardly notice.
  • Is there any concern about rejection, allergy or introduction of DNA from others? Not with human umbilical cord stem cells processed properly. I would not say the same is true of all other sources.

Nature is a fabulous healer, but sometimes we should give her a helping hand. Again to find a provider near you, call (800) 507-6509. For big savings and extra support, let them know you heard about them from Martie Whittekin, CCN or Healthy by Nature. To participate in a weekly webinar CLICK HERE. For a free e-book, CLICK HERE.

14 Responses

  1. Diane says:

    I must email my question since I can only listen to the show as a Podcast.

    An acquaintance is an insulin dependent diabetic. Type 2 originally. Her kidneys are functioning at 17%. She has not begun dialysis yet.

    Has there been any success using human stem cells for patients with kidney disease?

    • healthybynature says:

      As I mentioned by email, the stem cells can regenerate any tissue. There are studies in and one doctor reported 15% increase in kidney function in just 3 weeks.

  2. Allison C Bayer says:

    Thank you Martie! It was because of your radio show that I looked into HUCT stem cell therapy for both knees and my right shoulder in August of 2017. I went to several free talks and found one doctor I was most confident in. It has been the best decision I ever made!! I’m very interested in the infusion of stem cells you receive. I’ll be calling Dr. Brunk. Thank you for all that you do to bring alternatives to the cut/poison/burn options. Yes, I agree, in an emergency, the current medical community knows what to do. Other than that, no. Sign me a long time follower since July 2010. Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas

    • healthybynature says:

      That is great to hear. The stories coming back are unbelievable. Dr. Brunk, (972) 303-0683, can direct folks to trustworthy practitioners in their area. He will also give a no cost consultation.

  3. Bob Goforth says:

    It appears to me that my knee pain is coming from the
    tendons, not the joint. I use a topical cream (menthol and
    camphor) and get some results. Do you think
    Stem cell therapy would work for my knees?
    Bob Goforth

    • healthybynature says:

      Stem cells work well on soft tissues like tendons, miniscus, cartilage, etc. I suggest calling Dr. Brunk for a complimentary consultation and telling him exactly what is going on. He has seen a whole lot of knees. 972.303.0683

  4. can osteoporosis be treated with stem cells. what makes infinity stem special compared to other umbilical cord cells.

    • healthybynature says:

      Stem cells know what is needed anywhere in the body and can regenerate bone, but they do not treat “diagnoses” per se. Bone building is a complex process. So, remember, if a person does not have sufficient vitamin D, magnesium, manganese or any of the other nutrients needed the stem cells won’t have what they need to work with. The process is also slow, so it might take a relatively long time to know. (However, I will ask the experts to see what experience they might have had and will update this reply.) Typically, with women at least, the biggest problem with thinning bones is low estrogen and the stem cells may choose to help the hormones. Infinity cells just have more stringent specifications for purity and potency.

  5. Laurie Engelstad says:

    Is stem cell treatment effective for early onset of dimensia?

    • Healthy By Nature says:

      They are not “prescribed” for any disease but there is a good bit of promising research being done on stem cells and AD. makes sense because the cells cross the blood brain barrier and anywhere they go they fix what is wrong.

  6. Terry Murphy says:

    Dear Marti:

    Would it be possible to talk with you over the phone? I would be glad to pay you for your time.
    I have been listening to your podcast ever since you appeared as a guest on Dr. Ronald Hoffman’s
    podcast. Now I have two valuable resources to help me with healthy living.

    I gather from your podcast that you have had stem cell treatment. I have a few questions that need answering before I proceed. Three years ago I had a knee replacement and have no intentions of doing that again! Now my left knee is killing me.

    If for some reason, you are unable to offer a private consultation, then my most pressing question is about the transfer of potential harmful DNA from the stem cell treatment. Basically, that is the only thing that is stopping me from proceeding at this poing.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Terry Murphy
    New Jersey

  7. Richarder says:

    I gather from your podcast that you have had stem cell treatment

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