Nutrient gaps cause symptoms

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Too many (maybe most?) folks get quite lost trying to improve their health. Perhaps it is because they are looking in the wrong places and with the wrong tour guides. While modern American medicine is unmatched in the world for dealing with crisis care, it has an abysmal record with chronic disease. That failing comes in large part from the fact our system is based on a drug model that basically teaches “if you have a pain (or an out of norm test number) we have a pill”. Among the issues with that approach are that drugs typically suppress symptoms, but do not correct the root cause. Of course, pharmaceuticals can have serious side effects that we hear about if we listen carefully enough to the soothing voice-over that accompanies the happy images on television commercials. Another problem with the drug-based approach is that medications are generally designed and approved to only address a single problem. A person that has multiple issues will likely end up on multiple drugs…even when some of his or her symptoms are no more than the effects of previously prescribed meds!

Mainstream medical schools generally do not teach docs to look for underlying imbalances such as nutritional ones. For that line of investigation, the patient must either consult with a nutrition professional or educate themselves…or ideally, both. Nutrition expert (genius), Bill Sardi, received an inspiring email from a man who had taken action after reading one of Bill’s terrific well-researched articles. (Below I’ll provide a link to that piece.)

The main text of the email to Bill: ‘I want to thank you for changing my life. For years (since my early 30s–I am 43 now) I struggled with odd problems. Chronic sinusitis and chronic prostatitis. Heart palpitations. Lethargy. Irritability. Recently things got worse. Several years ago in the fall of 2009 my lipid profile was all normal. This year in the early winter of 2015 it took a turn for the worse. My good cholesterol was low. My triglycerides used to be great, but had doubled. My fasting blood sugar was slightly elevated. My bp was elevated slightly (127/78). Used to be well below that. Looking like metabolic syndrome. I was devastated, particularly since my father had Type I diabetes and died at 57 of a heart attack. My doctor was”t too concerned because this was all new and “we can’t trust one test,” but I wasn’t happy with that response.

I came across your article on zinc deficiency and started taking it (50 mg per day as zinc gluconate). Within just DAYS my oddly curved fingernails (not clubbed but weirdly curved with a huge Schamroth’s window) flattened out. My athlete’s foot that I had had for years went away. My sinuses cleared. My prostate no longer hurts. I can urinate like a champ. : ) I don’t know how to explain it, but my whole head just started to feel “clear.” I felt (and still feel) mentally sharp. Suddenly exercise was a joy, not a painful task. My heart palpitations are gone. I am excited to have my lipid profile redone soon because of the other observable changes I’ve noticed, including my bp which is now normal (118/78). Incidentally, I have a diagonal earlobe crease on my right ear, and the beginnings of one on my left. I wonder if this was caused by years of chronic inflammation caused by zinc deficiency. We’ll see how this goes. For now I just wanted to thank you. I feel like I have a new lease on life. You’re the man!!’

This links to the article that the writer had read about widespread zinc deficiency–LINK. Please understand that I’m not implying that everyone should go buy some zinc. For some people a similar story could be told about the effects of low magnesium or vitamin D or one of dozens of other nutrients. The point is that nutrient gaps cause symptoms which can be resolved by restoring balance. If you are low in a nutrient, the resulting problems could be diverse and therefore, when balance is restored, the improvements can be equally diverse and impressive. Those “experts” who claim that supplements don’t do anything have clearly not finished doing their homework.  

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