Peter McCullough, MD Update – PART 2

August 7th On HBN, we were honored to welcome back Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH, FACC, FACP, FAHA, FASN, FNKF, FCRSA (click for bio), to discuss current covid-19 topics. Last week’s blog reviewed key points that he made in the first part of the show. This one covers the balance of that show.

Flying blind with vaccines. We really cannot determine the effectiveness of the vaccines, especially against the Delta variant, because back in May, 2021, the CDC put us on notice that they were not even going to keep track of breakthrough cases of covid-19 among the vaccinated (unless they were hospitalized or died.) In mid-July, NBC polled 27 states (states apparently do keep track) and identified a total of 65,000 breakthrough cases. In Israel, of the total covid cases, 80% have been vaccinated. In the UK, 42% of those with the Delta variant had already been vaccinated. Dr. McCullough estimates that, in the US, the number of covid cases that are vaccinated is around 50%. Do the vaccines reduce severity of the disease? We can’t very well measure that either because we don’t know which patients got treatment and which have not. In Dr. McCullough’s experience, the Delta variant is milder and much more easily treated.

Waning effectiveness / booster? Pfizer said that at 6 months their shots were only 39% effective and continue to drop. After 8 months, Dr. McCullough estimates that there may now be very limited effect. Dr. McCullough will be in the HBN studio on 8/28 and will be able to answer calls. I will ask him about boosters.

Vaccine or gene delivery? The covid-19 “vaccines” are quite unlike any previous vaccine. They are gene delivery therapies which trick the body’s cells into producing the covid virus spike protein (which is toxic). The spike proteins do alert the immune system, but also cause mischief.

Vaccine Risks. Keep in mind that you are not likely to come in contact with the covid virus. Age groups over 70 and certainly 80 are most likely to die from covid, but also to die suddenly from vaccine side effects. The cardiovascular side effects (such as heart inflammation and blood clots) as well as paralysis seem more likely to affect young people. Dr. McCullough noted that in the Moderna testing, animals had fertility problems and he does not think the vaccines have been shown safe during pregnancy. A whistleblower lawsuit seeking to stop the vaccinations, claims that a more careful analysis of CDC statistics shows 45,000 side effect deaths among the vaccinate. The spike protein on the surface of the virus enters the lining of blood vessels and causes clotting, both short term and long term (micro-clots). The spike proteins made by our vaccinated cells do the same thing as the disease and is more dangerous. Some serious vaccine nervous system side effects (including paralysis) don’t present until 6 months later. For more details on the vaccines, check out our Library’s Covid-19 Vaccine Pro / Con page.

Treatment. No other viral or bacterial disease is “managed” by asking the diagnosed patients to just go home and wait until they are sick enough to require hospitalization. Doctors use the “precautionary principle”—treat early even if there is not ideal evidence for the treatments. The EARLY treatments do work and two (and soon to be 3) published studies show that the multi drug (4-6) approach saves lives against covid. Also, the drugs used have been FDA approved as safe for other purposes. The much-maligned Hydroxychloroquine has 200 studies supporting is benefit for covid-19. One recent journal article showed that any type of multi-drug treatment for seniors in nursing facilities reduced mortality by 60%.  (Dr. McCullough has not had a single patient get worse and need to go to the hospital.) Do not forget about the natural approach, which many people have successfully used as their only remedies.

Pushback. Sadly, there has not been any of the usual scientific debate—just censorship. Dr. McCullough received letters criticizing his groundbreaking journal article, Multifaceted highly targeted sequential multidrug treatment of early ambulatory high-risk SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19). The critiques were based on fear and lack of knowledge and did not cite any evidence for their objection. We are grateful for Dr. McCullough’s pioneering courage and are sorry that he has paid a stiff personal and career price. (The “no good deed goes unpunished” principle at work?)

Final approval of the vaccines. Currently the vaccines are being used under an “Emergency Use Authorization.” To give final approval, the FDA will have to ignore the many petitions from health care professional organizations (supported by thousands of doctors and nurses). Then the agency must require a package insert listing all the safety warnings. The drug makers must be happy with the current situation because the government is pretending the shots are safe and doing their marketing for them. Dr. McCullough believes that whole vaccine program should be and ultimately will be shut down because of the safety concerns and lack of efficacy. He also predicts that the virus will degenerate into a mild, routine common cold type disease. (The common cold is also a coronavirus.)

Novavax vaccine? Dr. McCullough is concerned that the Novavax, which many folks are hoping for, may not be a match for the new virus variants that will keep coming along.

Useful links. A printable guide to home-based medical treatment for the virus. If you have trouble getting the medications, sign up with Also, from the HBN Library, check out this reference which discusses natural and nutritional approaches—they can be used along with medicines.

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