Science Marches on Part 1

Recently I’ve received questions from show callers, listener emails and interesting news. A quick review seems in order. This is Part 1:

Toxic Aluminum / Autism and Alzheimer’s: Aluminum is believed to be toxic to the nervous system and is suspected as a contributor to breast cancer. Journalist Jon Rappoport has written two enlightening blogs. Part 1 discusses the high levels of the metal found in autistic brains and in vaccines. Part 2 talks about Alzheimer’s and the idea of lowering aluminum levels with drinking water that contains silicon. (Dr. Einsohn introduced me to a product to protect bones and structure. Maybe it has a fringe benefit: Orgono Mineral Silica Liquid. It’s a more effective delivery system than pills and has no taste.)

More on Autism plus Polio-like Infections in children: Bill Sardi wrote an impressive article relating those conditions to Arsenic and Glyphosate (agricultural weed killer). ARTICLE. Note: it is now horrifying that now one child in 59 is on the autism spectrum. The rate has been increasing by 6-15% per year. E.g. in 2000 the rate was 1 in 150.

Dry Eyes: On the Dec. 1 show Dr. Jeffry Anshel discussed that topic and many others related to eye health. A caller who didn’t get on air wanted to know if castor oil was good for dry eye. Dr. Anshel says “no”. During the show he had recommended

Leaky Bladder? A listener in Albuquerque asked about this problem. Here is a link to information from the Mayo Clinic. They say it may help to avoid: Alcohol, Artificial Sweeteners, Caffeine, Carbonated Beverages, Chocolate, Citrus Fruits, Spicy Foods and Tomatoes. The problem can also be aggravated by vitamin D deficiency and by taking some Medications (for blood pressure, sedatives, and muscle relaxants). Elsewhere Mayo suggests weight loss and special exercises. If the problem is mainly one of starting to go just before reaching the commode, you might try training the brain. Go before the need becomes urgent and wait a minute before giving the signal. I had my mom do that and repeat this in her head: “I wait to pee until I sit and count one, two, three.” It helped her.

Next week I’ll discuss prevention of colon polyps; how heartburn drugs can cause cancer; ozone for tooth whitening; and among other things, I’ll put drug deaths into an understandable perspective.

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  1. Bernie says:

    Martie, I like your Science Marches On. I have taken away beneficial information from both,
    part 1 and part 2! Will be watching for more!

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