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The graphic above has 120 dots which represent the number of points on the female body (fewer on men) that are tested with the regulation thermography system. The precise measurements of skin reactions to temperature changes reveals the status of organs and systems. Those readings are then displayed in the form of graphs with priorities. 

Michelle’s real life story demonstrates the power of this type of thermography if you take action on the information:

“Before going to the Thermography Center of Dallas, I was on ADHD medication, thyroid medication, allergy pills, and an albuterol inhaler twice a day.

I had my first Thermogram late August 2018. The results were shocking. Especially because I was an active 30 year old, in great physical shape, who just “got tired” more easily than I cared to admit. My results showed that my heart was having problems; my kidneys were severely under-functioning; my body was highly acidic; I wasn’t able to cleanse properly; I had heavy metal toxicity; severe lymphatic issues; food intolerances; a severe sinus problem; high breast risk factors; and even a lot of dental toxicity.

I decided to take the leap and work with the practitioners at the Thermography Center of Dallas in hopes of reversing the my college days had apparently taken on me – You’re telling me that cheese and Triscuits are not a normal dinner…? It started off with 9 weeks of eating only steamed vegetables and protein plus drinking 75-90 oz of hot reverse osmosis water daily. Nothing in the water, no lemon or tea, just plain hot water. Fortunately, it was Fall going on Winter, so the constant warmth actually became very enjoyable and I still sip hot water all day every day, even now. An added unexpected benefit of the hot water was that my energy levels increased when I added it to my daily regimen. I felt so much more hydrated than if I had chugged a bottle of water or drank cold water. Something about the hot water is both soothing and energy-stabilizing at the same time. Honestly, I challenge anyone reading this to try it for yourself. Do an experiment where you fill a Yeti or thermal cup up with hot reverse osmosis water and sip it throughout the day, for one entire week. See how you feel. Why not?

Eating steamed veggies was even harder. As someone who grew up in a virtually veggie-free household where Bagel Bites were a daily staple, I jumped into this without the first clue how to make squash taste edible to my processed food altered taste buds. And honestly, I’m still learning. But the challenge was 110% worth the results!

When I did my second Thermogram 6 months later, the results definitely reflected all the changes I had made. My second Thermogram revealed that I no longer had any heart risks; my kidneys were functioning normally again; I had cleansed my body of heavy metal toxicity; my lymphatic system had improved; I have no more food intolerance or sinus problems; my body pH is back in balance. I got rid of the dental toxicity, and even decreased my breast risk factors by over 21%.

I still have several things I can work on, but I am excited and confident to tackle them head on knowing that with the guidance of the Thermography Center of Dallas, I can restore my own body and health in a natural, safe and very effective way!

-Michelle E., 31 year old female

See Michelle’s actual charts at this link. Although people travel long distances to visit The Thermography Center of Dallas, they may be able to direct you to a provider near you.



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