Two health tips that are fast, effective and FREE

Anyone can afford these two suggestions and the benefits are unbelievably good!

  • Drink more water. I was reminded of this one during my work out today. I just didn’t have my usual energy and I’d had enough sleep. Then I realized that I didn’t finish my allotment of water yesterday and was off to a slow start on water today. Even mild dehydration can lead to headaches, fatigue and muscle cramps. Water is also needed for the body to run its detox processes and most everything else. Shortchange yourself on water and risk constipation, insomnia and much more. The common guideline is to drink as many ounces per day as ½ your body weighs in pounds. E.g. 180-lb person would drink 90 ounces of water. I fill a big glass bottle in the morning and usually finish it all by the end of the day. On those days I feel better and eat less. Naysayers may tell you to only drink when you are thirsty. However, by the time that happens, you are already too low. Also, some people interpret the signals as hunger. Obviously, clean filtered water is best and we should avoid the hormone disrupting plasticizers in plastic bottles.
  • Eat less sugar. Now, them’s fightin’ words…because it is hard…at least at first. Maybe this new information will motivate you…“Adding less than three teaspoons of sugar to your tea every day increases your risk of Alzheimer’s disease [54%], new research suggests.” Why did the author mention “tea”? Probably because the article was in a British source, The Daily Mail. You’ve heard no doubt that excess sugar also leads to diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Author Nancy Appleton, PhD lists 144 Reasons Sugar Ruins Your Health. (New research has added many to that list since she was on our radio show the first time.) Maybe we can be strong in the face of baked goods and turn down sodas which are the worst. Sadly, what makes sugar so hard to avoid is that you don’t always see it coming. Sugar is hiding in salad dressings, frozen entrees, pasta sauces, yogurt, instant oatmeal, some processed meats, soups and…well almost every manufactured “food”. My friend, celebrity physician, Fred Pescatore, MD, likes to point out that there is more sugar in ketchup than ice cream. (By the way, that is not advice to eat ice cream.) It is imperative to read labels because that is how you know! The good news is that if you can be strong for a even few days to a week, you will feel a whole lot better and not crave sweets like you might have in the past.

These two positive changes go hand in hand. Drink more water and you will eat less sugar. Eat less junk and water will taste better.

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  1. Patricia Hough says:

    I have stopped eating sugar but I do use a small amount of Swerve, a sugar substitute, for hot tea and to sweeten my oat bran cereal for breakfast. Can you tell me if Swerve is ok to use. I stay away from other sugar substitutes and unfortunately I can’t use Stevia because it makes me feel like I have a lump in my throat.
    Thank you.

    • healthybynature says:

      It is probably fine in the small quantities you describe. People get in trouble expecting everything to be sweet. Especially beverages that have no calorie content confuse the brain.

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