3 noteworthy revelations from recent research

What if a drug could do this? A new study shows that in just 30 days of restoring low levels of the mineral magnesium, the following were significantly improved: poor memory, sexual energy, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, asthma, hand tremors, headaches, muscle weakness/cramping/spasms, craving of salt or chocolate and a lot more. (Can you just imagine the hoopla and pressure to take it if a drug were found with this kind of power?) We know that magnesium is involved roughly 500 processes in the body. So, that list of benefits is probably just a small sample. Unfortunately, the investigators noted that low magnesium levels are a widespread problem. I’ve always suggested magnesium as a foundational supplement. (E.g. along with a great multivitamin, probiotics and fish oil at least.) Study abstract. As for types, magnesium oxide is cheap, but poorly absorbed. Magnesium citrate is better but taking 400-800 mg a day may cause a loose stool. I like to mix it up. I use a magnesium malate in the morning and an asporotate form at night because it is more likely to be transported to the cells.

Antibiotics are a double-edged sword. We’ve talked in the past about the gastrointestinal trouble and yeast infections that can result from antibiotic use. Now, a 10-year study links an antibiotic to increased risk of death in heart patients. The drug, clarithromycin (or Biaxin), is commonly used to treat infections of the lungs, ears, sinus and skin. Article about it. Another antibiotic, Z-Pak, was previously shown in a 14-year study to more than double the risk of death among heart disease patients. Yes, these studies were of heart patients, but if it can kill them, surely there are also dangers to the rest of us. I have a major section on many antibiotic side effects in my book, The Probiotic Cure.

An alternative to Tamiflu.  Studies funded by drug companies show a modest shortening of symptoms (a day or so) with use of the antiviral Tamiflu. However, independent studies do not confirm any benefit. That is especially disheartening in light of the side effects which can include hallucinations, seizure-like events, deterioration of the disease and even death. Article. Natural antivirals are much safer. I list some in my Colds and Flu Remedy Kit article. This article by Bill Sardi discusses licorice to alleviate the lingering symptoms of the flu. (No, a box of Good & Plenty candy won’t do. He is talking about an herb.)

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