Bill Sardi Interview Review

Bill Sardi answered questions on last Saturday’s program. Nothing beats hearing him, but below is a quick review of topics covered:

  • Hangover. The Super Bowl is commonly called “National Hangover Day.” I always advise alternating alcoholic beverages with water and taking extra vitamin C. Mr. Sardi told us about a natural substance, myricetin, which you can buy in a health food store. It stops the hangover problems by blocking the GABA (relaxation) receptor in the brain. After taking myricetin for a while you might not even want to drink. I asked about sugar, but that is another pleasure receptor. He brought up the problem of yeast which causes sugar cravings.
  • Vertigo. The middle ear canal fluid determines your balance. When calcium particles build up and collect in the wrong place, it can cause loss of balance. This seems to happen more in winter when we aren’t getting enough vitamin D from sunshine and are less active. The “Epley Maneuver” is a series of positions that help the crystal move to where they aren’t a problem. Search the web or YouTube for DIY instructions or ask your doctor if he or she can do it for you. If you feel like the room is spinning, that might be a problem in the inner ear such as an infection.
  • The coronavirus. The media is in panic mode about this disease. Here is math to help put the issue into context—the 400 deaths in China, while sad, represent only 1 death in every 3.5 million Chinese citizens. Even the epicenter, Wuhan, that translates to 1 death per 27,700 people. The current disease is not as deadly as previous coronavirus outbreaks like SARS and MERS. The odds are greater for dying of the garden variety annual flu. And, as is the case with flu, being on immune-suppressing drugs increases the odds of trouble.

Mr. Sardi pointed out that coronaviruses are common all year long but can cause more disease in the winter when folks are low in vitamin D and/or malnourished as might be the case in China. Bill Sardi wrote an article covers many things you can do to improve your resistance. (Also check out my library page.) Bill said we must have enough vitamin D to activate the immune cells called neutrophils that destroy virus-infected cells. Also helpful for that are garlic and resveratrol.  Zinc is needed to allow the thymus gland to make the T-cells which create memory immunity to the virus (much better than vaccination) should it return any time during your life.

He says even vaccines don’t work right without sufficient zinc. Most people are low in zinc. That is due in part to the use of Roundup in agriculture. It contains arsenic which depletes zinc from crops. We need 30 mg a day to stay even and Molecular Multi has that in the right form. In conventional treatment, steroids deplete vitamin C, so take more in that case. Summing up, you and your kids need vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc and selenium for proper immune function.

  • Baking soda remedy. The protocol of taking baking soda on an empty stomach is for autoimmune conditions.
  • Osteoporosis. Deficiency of estrogen is the problem with bone weaking. Ask your doctor to test you and prescribe bio-identical hormones if needed. Resveratrol (only 200-300 mg) safely mimics estrogen and helps hold calcium in the bone and rebuilds. Without that (and vitamin K2 and D), supplemental calcium may go into arteries instead. Although the attention is always on calcium, these minerals are also important for bone: magnesium, zinc, manganese and boron to name a few.
  • De-aging. One proven cause of aging is the accumulation of unhelpful minerals. Removing them is one of the ways that resveratrol (BTW, I misstated the name of the Harvard expert…it is Dr. David Sinclair.) Sardi told an interesting story about someone he knows who improved remarkably after a stroke and said his memory was better than before the event.
  • Budget supplement plan: A listener asked how to maximize the effect of a vitamin program and cut costs/ Molecular Multi—buy 3 bottles and get 2 free. That gets the price down to about $1.00 a day. If need be, just take ½ the recommended dose. Vitamin D is not expensive. Magnesium citrate is not expensive. This vitamin C product protects you around the clock which makes it a bargain. Longevinex is the best form of resveratrol. Take it every other day and still get protection.

We did not get to heart disease, but here is his new article on the topic.

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  1. Elaine Otway says:

    Looking for info you were going to post about Probiotics. I listened to your show on Sat about Dr hiro’s probiotics
    Thank you

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