Coronavirus—facts, fiction and what to do

When should you worry about coronavirus? Worry if you are trapped indoors in Wuhan, China with people who already have the virus; you have a seriously compromised immune system; and do not have access to sunshine, supplements, or US medical care.

Why “Hair on fire”? That is a colorful term to describe unjustified panic. I do not minimize the loss of hundreds of lives in China or the 3 deaths so far in the rest of the world. My aim is to simply put the issue into a realistic perspective; calm the panic that the media promotes and remind readers of what they can do to protect themselves or failing that, recover. I’ll start there, then detail the facts relating to the media coverage.

What I should do? Don’t plan your vacation in Wuhan any time soon. Get sufficient vitamin D or at least sunshine year-round and extra in the winter because it is so crucial for immune function. (Note that an aggressive amount of vitamin D can help greatly at the first sign of symptoms. Check out those instructions and other remedies on this Library page.) To maintain immune strength, take zinc all year. Eat organic foods for many reasons and to avoid Roundup (which depletes zinc and is hard on our beneficial bacteria). If you begin to feel ill, quickly take natural antivirals like quercetin, resveratrol, elderberry, olive leaf. Eat chicken soup. (Seriously, there is science on this.)

Bill Sardi found a 2003 study showing that glycyrrhizin from licorice root was effective against the similar SARS virus in 2003. Most licorice supplements for regular use remove that component because of side effects which include elevating blood pressure. Here is a product that still contains glycyrrhizin to use short term if you contract a coronavirus-like virus.

Religious healers in India recommend you spread cow dung on your body. I’m not buying that, but it reminded me that our gut bacteria represent 70%+ of our immune competence and so we should protect them; feed them vegetables and fiber; and supplement with fermented foods and Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics.

Media, why aren’t you telling us about these important preventive and natural remedy factors???

Why spread panic? We are warned of a “grave threat for the rest of the world” that “could infect up to 60% of the global population.” One big reason to say the sky is falling is that they are covering their behinds…no authority wants to be blamed for not having warned the public. And there is no real price for them to pay if they hit the panic button in error. The general attitude will be “better safe than sorry”—never mind the damage done to world economies or having caused the creation of virtual concentration camps or having added yet one more unhealthful stress to people who already have plenty. (In 2014 the Ebola scare caused the very expensive monitoring of 30,000 people and found no positives.) Agencies and governments love an excuse to exert more control. Pharmaceutical giants stand to gain from creating a market for vaccines. Sometimes it is just politics. The media, of course, delight in a good panic (or hint of scandal) because they want our attention for their 24-hour news cycles—more viewers means more ad dollars.

The facts:

  • The coronavirus appears to be less dangerous than the annual flu or SARS which caused panic in 2003. And, like the flu, the danger is in complications experienced by a tiny percentage. Those are mostly people who are chronically ill, take immune-suppressing drugs (even aspirin deplete vitamin C which helps immune function) and those who have weak or underdeveloped immune systems—mainly because they are undernourished in immune support. Even dehydration increases the risk of complications. Being toxic certainly makes us more vulnerable. Bill Sardi mentioned that “68% of early coronavirus cases were men which is precisely the exact same percentage of Chinese males that smoke tobacco.”
  • So far, in the United States, there have been zero deaths among the 13 cases—that is 1 case in every 25 million people. (The odds of winning the Texas lottery is about the same! So far, you are about twice as likely to be struck by lightning as to even come down with the coronavirus.) Here is an article I wrote discussing in part the 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic scare.
  • The death rate from coronavirus is said to be 2%. That is based on Chinese numbers and the real rate is likely very much lower because they have not been counting the mild cases who were not tested or those who never went in at all. It is hard to rely on their numbers.
  • Also, the conditions in Wuhan are less favorable for recovery than here. For example, forcing Wuhan citizens to stay indoors makes matters worse because they cannot get sufficient vitamin D. That can lead to pneumonia which is a bigger problem.

Will a vaccine save us? Don’t hold your breath. (1) it won’t be available for a year. (2) by the time it is here, the threat will likely be something else (this year, as is often the case, the vaccine isn’t a match with what is going around). (3) the toxins in the vaccine create are statistically more deadly than the typically mild symptoms of the disease. (4) the immune-compromised individuals who are likely to develop complications from the virus are also less able to do what the vaccines require—make antibodies against the disease. Interestingly, in one study, 60% of doctors don’t take the annual flu shot.

4 Responses

  1. Donna Ponzi says:

    Hello doctor. As a very concern grandmother and witj all the hysteria over vaccines what does a parent do when they do not wish to vaccinate their child and yet it’s becoming more mandatory? My granddaughter who will be turning five in April was declined being admitted to a Catholic school because she is not vaccinated. They live in Barnegat New Jersey and as of right now it is not a law. Oh believe me it’s been a fight and I understand it’s coming back in to play but as of right now it’s not a law here and yet she’s been denied being admitted into a Catholic school. And my Son-in-law even informed them of some of the toxic chemicals injected into the vaccines including aborted fetal cells. So here you have a Catholic school against abortions and yet they’re denying my granddaughter a education.What are parents to do in this situation? Any suggestions? It’s becoming more worldwide and it’s just a matter of time that it’s going to hit every state. Needless to say we are all very upset over this.

    Thank you in advance for any information you could suggest and forward to me.

    Donna Ponzi

  2. Natalie Brown says:

    Martie, as always thank you for clarification. If I put my mind at ease. Thank you for all that you do. Sincerely, Natalie Brown

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