Could MORE cups of coffee reduce blood pressure?

In last week’s blog I discussed: The great debates about Fat, Salt, Chocolate, what is too much OR TOO LITTLE? It appears that coffee may also have different and surprising effects at various levels of consumption. Below I cherry pick from an article by Jacob Schor ND, FABNO in Natural Medicine Journal. Dr. Schor reviewed […]

The great debates about Fat, Salt, Chocolate, what is too much OR TOO LITTLE?

If a little is good, more is better, right? That does seem to be the American way. We can have too little of good things and miss the benefits. Unfortunately, we can also get too much of even a very good thing. Well-meaning but misguided government agencies often lead us to one extreme or the […]

Regeneration with Human Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy

Before we even begin, let’s get one thing straight. If you had an immediate gut level reaction to the words “Stem Cells” I can assure you that you thought about a total different type. The regeneration stem cells discussed below are from human umbilical cords with which there are no ethical concerns. (We are actually […]

Half-truths in the news about sleep, gluten & vaccines

Longtime radio celebrity, Paul Harvey, used to give part of a story and then take a break. When he came back he’d give “…the rest of the story”.  These days this happens in the news, but with an unfortunate twist…often they do not give the rest of the story. Omitting important facts can be as […]

Popularity versus quality in a multivitamin

Centrum Silver is the top-selling multivitamin brand in the US. That is not very surprising because the company has a gigantic advertising budget and has succeeded in securing shelf space in every major retailer making it very easy to get. While I understand why even very smart people have been persuaded to take Centrum, I […]

Supplements like multivitamins versus drugs

Before I discuss some specific topics about multiple vitamin/mineral supplements, I probably should at least touch on the question of whether they are useful. A bunch of studies show benefits from multivitamins. However, it seems that only the ones showing no result or a problem make the news. I always read at least the abstracts […]

Martie becomes a stalker after seeing an egg white breakfast

Last Friday morning, while eating breakfast at La Madeleine, I happened to notice the plate of another diner. I just could not stop thinking about how pale her eggs were. You see, I’m just not a fan of egg white scrambles and omelets because egg yolks contain some wonderful nutrients. (I like to point out […]

What if the doctor’s orders are wrong?

The whole idea of doctor’s “orders” bothers me. After all, it is your health and your choice! A doctor should be an advisor like your lawyer or accountant. Decisions should be made by the patient after the doctor and patient share information. It has been considered routine and acceptable to get a second opinion before […]

10 advantages of bare feet and leaving our shoes at the door

As far back as I can remember, I always liked going barefoot. As a kid, I would do that all summer in spite of the bee stings I often got due to the clover in our yard. Science now tells us that there are advantages of bare feet. I could write this whole article about […]

Two successful stories of taking charge and using natural approaches

There are two ways to approach health issues. One, the most common, is to wait for symptoms and swallow whatever the doctor prescribes. The other approach is to assume control; do some research into a natural approach; and think about doing what makes the most sense. I heard from two folks who did just that. […]

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