Keep inflammation friendly

It is easy to think of inflammation as being only a bad thing. But, nature has a beneficial use for inflammation. When we are injured or attacked by a pathogen, it helps healing by increasing blood supply to provide needed oxygen, nutrients and stem cells. It also attracts immune factors to kill invaders and “take […]

Science may be closing in on a cure for Alzheimer’s

Our interview Saturday about a natural approach to Alzheimer’s disease was so important that I thought I’d better review some key points. I probably don’t have to remind readers that Alzheimer’s erases lives, shatters families and threatens to bankrupt not only personal budgets, but also that of the country. Current drugs bring no more than […]

Moldy corn makes the news

A radio show reported today that corn farmers in the Panhandle of Texas have a big financial problem because of mold on corn. The reporters made it sound unlikely there would be any health problem for consumers, but I don’t agree. Apparently, the weather this year has increased the amount of fumonisin on the corn crops. […]

How science news often leads us astray

The medical buzz word is “evidence-based”. Freely translated, that means science has supposedly verified whatever practice is being discussed. Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, “evidence” is not some unequivocal black and white fact etched in stone tablets. As it turns out, what constitutes “acceptable” evidence is in the eye of the beholder. The variables listed below […]

Avoid serious health risks from GMO foods & Roundup

On last week’s radio show, my guest was Stephanie Seneff, PhD, a Senior Research Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She gave us a wakeup call about the health risks from genetically modified foods and the Roundup-type weed killers that are now widely used even on non-GMO crops. There are many resources on her […]

Are the effects of some sleep aids worse than the sleeplessness?

On the show last Saturday, we spent the last half talking about the importance of sleep and natural ideas for getting restorative rest. I briefly mentioned the side effects of medications for sleep and said that I’d put more information in the newsletter this week. Over the counter. There are side effects listed for all […]

Weather Emergency Suggestions

Photo from NY Times See ways to help at the bottom of the page. The things below came to Bill Sardi’s mind because of the disaster in Houston. I want to do a show soon on preparedness. Those currently most affected probably have no way to access this information, but just in case you are […]

Pioneering concepts in health and nutrition—Part 1

My trip down memory lane in preparation for our 20th anniversary radio show reminded me of concepts that we covered long ago and that are worth a second look. I’m listing older shows in part to demonstrate that what may seem like brand new information today might have been available to our listeners a decade […]

Twenty years of guests that were ahead of their time

As we celebrated Healthy by Nature’s 20th Anniversary show last week, I hoped to pack in more content than the hour would allow. When reality sank in, I promised to follow up this week with some of the clips (in bold) and other information that we didn’t get to. As I scoured the archives and converted […]

Our friend cholesterol?

As we all know, there has been long standing concern and confusion over the actual vs supposed health risk from high levels of cholesterol in the blood. Recently, it has been suggested that virtually all older persons should be on statin cholesterol-lowering drugs. (Which by the way are said to damage stem cells.) I worry […]

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