Even tiny doses of poison will add up to big trouble

In murder mysteries, sometimes the villain adds a drop of poison to someone’s daily tea or muffin. The damage silently accumulates over time and then the poor victim dies “suddenly” of unknown causes. No one suspects the culprit.

Unfortunately, the same thing is happening to all of us and there are many villains. Multitudes of entities are responsible for chemicals in tap water; herbicides and pesticides on produce; antibiotics in chicken; hormone disruptors in plastic bottles; cans and register receipts; formaldehyde and other chemical fumes coming from new furniture; pesticides sprayed in neighborhoods (by the city); dangerous lawn treatment chemicals; heavy metals in vaccines and secondhand smoke; mercury in sodas; and industrial chemicals spewed into the air we must breathe. As you will see below, body care products can also be trouble. The list goes on and on and on.

None of the many culprits will take their share of the responsibility when we turn up with obesity, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, thyroid trouble, dementia, infertility, and so on. Each perp says, “who me?” and declares that the amounts are too small. They also point to short term animal studies of low amounts and claim there is not harm. Not only are there scant long-term studies, I have seen none that look at the combinations of toxicants or at their negative effect on our critical but delicate gut bacteria.

Humans are made to detoxify normal stuff.  But, never in our time on earth has it been necessary to get rid of soooo much crap constantly. To make matters worse, not all of us have sufficient nutrients that the body requires to complete the detoxification processes. Therefore, the junk accumulates in our cells and tissues. That breaks Healthy by Nature’s “prime directive #2”—Don’t gum up the works. (Directive #1 is to give the body everything it needs for optimum function.) We can end up like the camel graphic. (My friend, the late William Crook, MD allowed me to tweak it.)

We discuss detoxification on the radio show periodically (and in my Digestive Wellness Course). However, it is obviously best to avoid as many toxicants as possible thereby lightening the body’s load. But, we need to know where the poisons are lurking. I am fond of the Environmental Working Group for their broad, in-depth coverage of chemical threats and their activism. They offer a list of the “Dirty Dozen” most pesticide-contaminated types of produce and the “Clean 15”. The government site, Consumer Product Safety Commission covers all kinds of hazards…even safety problems with “fidget spinners”.

ConsumerSafety.org is a helpful site that provides information about dangerous products, recent recalls and even lawsuits. Lawsuits can compensate victims (if there is money left after the lawyers cut) and they can nudge companies into making products safer. The Consumer Safety folks called my attention to an article about the risks of ovarian cancer and lung disease from talcum powder. Talc is used in baby powder, eyeshadow, bronzer, blush and lip balm. Some products contain heavy metals and asbestos. (Article) Other worrisome ingredients are included in some brands of moisturizers, shaving creams, shampoo, and mascara. Another scary example is lead that is found in 61% of lipsticks even though it is not listed on the label! List of lead’s health effects.

The Consumer Safety site and EWG.org both offer details of specific ingredients to avoid. At least we should control the things we can. Going natural makes a lot of sense.

Healthy by Nature only supports products that do not use those dangerous ingredients. The personal care products from Lily of the Desert are a good example of ones we recommend. Visit DirtDoctor.com to learn about non-toxic materials for house and garden.



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