Glutathione is a superhero nutrient that packs a powerful punch

During last week’s radio show, Dr. Johnson said that he uses glutathione (GSH) in fighting the effects of mold on the body. Then Howard Garrett and I talked about how many health problems are caused by pesticides. That made me think of glutathione again because it helps with pesticide problems too. GSH is the master antioxidant and detoxifier, helping even rid us of a variety of threats to our cells.

GSH (a tripeptide) is also involved in maintaining the immune system. Interestingly, low glutathione levels are linked with diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Besides its own role in protecting cells from free radical damage, GSH also makes other antioxidants (like CoQ10 and vitamins C and E) stay active longer. It is no wonder that glutathione is considered important for cardiovascular health as well.

Our bodies make some glutathione. However, it is quite inconvenient that, as we get older and have accumulated more free radicals and toxic substances, our levels of GSH get dramatically lower instead of higher. Doctors who practice integrative or anti-aging type medicine often administer glutathione intravenously. That is extremely beneficial, but it must be done routinely and the expense can mount up.

I decided to give this amazing nutrient a plug because it is not well known. For one thing, nutrition isn’t really taught in school. Folks who understand the importance of nutrition may listen to radio shows like ours or read up on nutrients and hear about it. However, the average person only knows what the manufacturers invest marketing money in. Supplement makers certainly know how powerful glutathione is. But, unfortunately, oral glutathione supplements do not work well to raise blood levels. Even some high-tech, expensive GSH supplements only help a little. So…bottom line…there has not been an incentive for suppliers to spend money educating consumers about glutathione.

Having long been aware of all this, I was very excited to learn about a different approach to raising glutathione blood levels. There is a special microorganism that will happily live in our intestinal tracts and make it for us! That probiotic strain is Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3. For obvious reasons, I just call it ME-3. Essential Formulas is the company of friends that found Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotic and brought it to the US. They also discovered ME-3. Wisely, they formulated it with other appropriate nutrients into three products depending on what a person wants to focus on. There is one for Detox and Liver Health, one for Immune and Vitality and another that targets Cardio Wellness. Learn more.

Please keep in mind that I invite companies like Essential Formulas to be sponsors of our radio show only when I believe in what they are doing and I want to help spread the word. Personally, I take ½ dose of the Immune / Vitality and ½ of the Detox / Liver. Both contain ME-3, but I use two products to get the other nutrients they contain.

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