Is worldwide obesity our fault?

The U.S. is rightfully worried about foreign hackers disrupting our life styles by messing with elections and potentially airlines, the power grid, and so on. However, perhaps the rest of the world should be even more worried about how we’ve hacked into their lives. As a leader and role model for the world, it seems to me we’ve inadvertently undermined their lives and health in so many ways. The national news this week declared: “over 10% of the population of the world is obese.” Why? Because we:

  • sell them soft drinks. That alone would do it!
  • sell them yummy, addictive refined packaged foods.
  • open fast food restaurants in every corner of the globe.
  • distribute guidelines for what to eat that sound authoritative but over the years have turned out to be wrong.
  • convince them their natural healing methods are not good enough and sell them drugs that, among other things, kill the good bacteria that would help keep them slim.
  • turn tens of thousands of chemicals loose in the environment which can then poison metabolism.
  • export labor-saving devices so that people are not as physically active.

So, although our country is having a health crisis, it looks like we are inadvertently keeping the playing field level by taking everyone else down with us!

Thank goodness for people like you who know better than to fall into these traps. If we can build on that, there is hope for starting a worldwide fitness trend.


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