Half-truths in the news about sleep, gluten & vaccines


Longtime radio celebrity, Paul Harvey, used to give part of a story and then take a break. When he came back he’d give “…the rest of the story”.  These days this happens in the news, but with an unfortunate twist…often they do not give the rest of the story. Omitting important facts can be as misleading as lying. Three cases in point:

  • We often hear that the sweet spot with sleep is 7-9 hours. The negative effects of sleep deprivation are well documented. However, when the “experts” say that over 9 hours of sleep is associated with this or that problem, they should say why. It isn’t likely that sleep itself is the problem. The trouble is in why a person sleeps that long. Do they have a problem like sleep apnea, an under-functioning thyroid, anemia or depression? Digging ever deeper, that health problem is likely to also be a symptom. The root cause of health issues is typically a lack of something the body needs (e.g. poor nutrition) or an overload of something it can’t handle (e.g. toxins of one kind or another).
  • The media loves to point out that only 1% of the population suffers from celiac disease and therefore needs to avoid gluten in foods. (Gluten is found in wheat, barley and rye.) The more generous sources mention that up to 6% of Americans may have gluten sensitivity. They imply that anyone else who limits gluten is a gullible fad-follower. My first issue with these proclamations is that both celiac and gluten sensitivity are greatly under-diagnosed. There are many ways we can have a negative reaction. Secondly, gluten generates a substance called zonulin that is known to contribute to leaky gut which might affect a much higher percentage. Then there is the fact that most Americans just plain eat too much starchy carbohydrate. I mean, there is some reason that so many people feel much better after giving up those grains. They may enjoy the end of rashes, GI trouble, headaches and other symptoms. The least these wizards should do is to counsel eating of whole grains which benefit our gut bacteria. Fermenting grains seems to make grains more tolerable.
  • Maybe the biggest “rest of the story” omissions are regarding the vaccination debate. Medical and media leaders are so righteously dug into their dogma that it can be credibility suicide to even hint that the jury is still out. Let the mocking begin if a person dares suggest that there may be worrisome toxins (e.g. mercury) in the immunizations …or that certain classifications of kids (e.g. African American boys…or those who are mineral deficient) might be more vulnerable…or that we now may be giving too many shots, too early. The discussion is shut down long before anyone can mention that homeopathic immunization may work even better and without the side effects.

It seems unnecessary to say this, but here goes anyway…don’t believe that you are always getting the whole story in the news. Keep an open mind and dig a little?

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