Regeneration with Human Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy

Before we even begin, let’s get one thing straight. If you had an immediate gut level reaction to the words “Stem Cells” I can assure you that you thought about a total different type. The regeneration stem cells discussed below are from human umbilical cords with which there are no ethical concerns. (We are actually making a health-enhancing use of what would otherwise be medical waste.) There will be more about stem cell sources later. If you did not hear the show August 5th, I recommend that you listen to it to hear the full exciting story about astonishing recoveries from serious joint problems. Examples of many are a crushed elbow, bone on bone knee with meniscus tears, and back problems.

Human Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy (HUCST) uses the same power that creates the body to restore it and allow for regeneration. Stem cells are a mind-blowing miracle of life. These generic cells seek out areas of the body that are inflamed or damaged and then become whatever type of specialized cell is needed at that location.

When we are born, we are endowed with an enormous number of stem cells. That is because they are needed to flood the baby’s body, building tissues and organs of all types. Unfortunately, as we age, we have fewer of these cells and therefore have a harder time rebounding from stresses and injury. By the time we are teenagers, we have only 10% as many stem cells as we did originally. By the time we are age 50, we only have ¼ as many as a teen. And on it goes. Our own stem cells can be gathered with types of surgery (into blood marrow or liposuction). In addition to the surgical risks, the cells from those sources are relatively scarce. I personally wonder if our aged stem cells haven’t accumulated damage like our other cells  and might be less vigorous. The preferred approach is where doctors inject brand new stem cells.

When stems cells are placed into a suffering joint, in the vast majority of cases, damage to ligaments, tendons and bone is soon repaired.

Is this some wacky new idea? Far from it. If you search “stem cells” on, the website returns 274,208 scientific articles. (The research started in the early 1900’s.) To narrow it down, search for “stem cells joint” and you will still see 3,572 articles. However, I think that the most motivating proof of the procedure is in the success stories like the ones discussed on the radio interview.

It is a real breakthrough that a system (very much like a blood bank) has been developed to collect, safety-screen, protect and distribute umbilical cord blood. As a byproduct of that system a source has been created for the umbilical cords themselves. That is the richest source of stem cells in terms of numbers, but they are also the most vibrant and therefore offer maximum regeneration power. HUCT is also the least contaminated source and there is no concern about rejection, allergy or introduction of DNA from others.

As one of my listeners/readers, you can receive a no-pressure consultation to find out if your health problem might be helped with regenerative medicine using Human Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy. That consultation would normally cost $200, there is no charge—if you tell them Martie sent you. Call 972.303.0683. (Doctors interested in offering this method can also call the same number.)

During the radio show on this topic, I received calls asking if stem cells could help various other health problems besides the structural issues mentioned above. The best way to answer those questions is to do a search on If you have an interest, you can call Dr. Darcy Brunk 972.303.0683 to inquire about doctors in your area who can help with approaches other than joint injections. Learn more from this video.

Nature is a fabulous healer, but sometimes we ought to give her a hand.

8 Responses

  1. Jen Pack says:

    Wow, it’s amazing to hear that human umbilical cord stem cell therapy uses the same power that creates human bodies to heal and regenerate it. It sounds to me like the combination of holistic and modern medicine working together to get results. My sister has been suffering from joint pain for years- I wonder if this is something that would help her.

  2. Alice Cutler says:

    Sounds very hopeful for so many physical issues. Question if it is also helpful for nerve issues all over the body, and not just joints.

    • healthybynature says:

      Alice, your instincts are right on. Stem cells have been shown to repair all kinds of tissue including nerves, so it is hard to imagine something the procedure wouldn’t help. I do advise just using the umbilical cord type. When you call this number (800.708.4385) to inquire about a complimentary consultation, tell then you heard about it on Martie’s show.

  3. Ginger says:

    I have foot drop with damaged nerve cells. Can stem cells help with foot drop with damaged nerve cells?
    Thank You,
    Ginger O’Connell

    • healthybynature says:

      I don’t have any personal knowledge of that but it sounds like the type of thing that stem cells help. Here is the number to call and they will set you up with a complimentary consultation with someone in your area that would know.

  4. Ken Getter says:

    My MRI shows a bulging disk.
    I want to have stem cell treatment.
    Some info I read says bone marrow cells work better
    for this treatment?
    Any info or suggestions.
    I want a provider in the Plano, TX area.
    I am 81 yrs old and in good health.

    Ken Getter 918-671-3810

    • healthybynature says:

      Bone marrow is very invasive and who knows how many and how vigorous our stem cells are at 81 years of age. Everything I’ve seen indicates that umbilical cord is more potent, safer and less expensive. Call Dr. Andrew Shepherd in Plano at 972.398.0440. Tell him I sent you and I want you to have a complimentary consultation and the best of attention. 🙂

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