Health-giving tea that is purer, better tasting and uniquely convenient

Just as there are dog people and cat people, it seems there are coffee people and tea people. I understood the benefits of tea and herbs and that is why until recently I had a cupboard full of open (stale) tea boxes. I remained one of those coffee people. About the same time that I decided coffee was giving me the jitters and might cause other negative effects*, I met Simon Cheng. He introduced me to a whole new way of thinking about tea. I still love the smell of coffee, but I am now mostly a tea person. Below are some of the reasons why:

  • The health benefits of tea have not only been valued by many cultures for millennia but have also been confirmed in hundreds of modern studies. One of the newly discovered advantages is that tea helps feed our intestines’ friendly bacteria.
  • The energy provided by tea is calmer and more sustained than coffee’s. There are a couple of reasons for that. The caffeine in tea is bonded to catechins (a type of antioxidant). Because it takes the body longer to break down that compound, even with a smaller amount of caffeine, we get a time-release energy effect over 4-6 hours. Also, tea contains an amino acid, L-theanine that has a very calming effect. This amino (found only in tea) can be purchased in capsules, but tea is more fun…and surely, I have enough pills.
  • Simon’s innovative creation is Pique Tea that comes in slender tubes of instant crystals. I can now make tea very quickly, easily, inconspicuously, neatly and anywhere. For example, I had some earlier today on an airplane—I just asked for hot water. The flight attendant was interested, so I gave her the empty tube.
  • Pique Tea tastes fresh, clean and has flavors that are much richer than the bag teas. The careful selection of premium organic teas and herbs translates into taste. Also, the cold brew crystallizationTM process captures the plant’s essence and stabilizes it. I noticed that the material of the bags of standard tea contribute a flavor that I don’t care for.
  • I think it also helps the flavor and, more importantly, the health benefits that Pique Tea screens the source materials three times and purifies them to make sure the tea is free of toxins such as pesticides, heavy metals and mold. Other tea companies don’t do that. Few even screen twice and unfortunately some may not screen at all!
  • I don’t miss the hassle of tea bags. They get stale and it is hard to know how long to leave them in the hot water. Too short a time makes weak tea. Brew too long and the tea tastes bitter…a bit like I imagine that grass clippings mixed with cigar ashes would. When I take the bag out of the water, I never know quite what to do with the drippy thing.

Of course, you can search for leaves as pure as Pique’s and brew tea in a pot. Nah, I know me. I won’t go to that trouble. So, for sustained energy, reduced stress, antioxidant benefits and even improved gut health, why not give Pique Tea a try? By the way, just for going to the website you can download a Tea Healthfulness Guide. You know I always try to get you a deal. With any purchase, you will be entitled to up to 3 boxes free and a free e-book.

If I sound excited, it is because I am. You should know that Pique Tea is a new sponsor of Healthy by Nature. But remember, I don’t brag about something or someone because they are a sponsor, I search to find sponsors that I want to brag about. With every purchase you help support our mission.

*Coffee is known to create a false energy (a strain on the adrenals?), insomnia, elevated blood pressure and urinary urgency as examples.

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