Sherry Rogers, MD on thyroid, glaucoma, pancreatic cancer and more

My radio show last week with Sherry Rogers, MD was so dense with information that I listened to it again in the archives. These are my notes. First, was our discussion of the thyroid and at the end I list caller questions and her answers. (After the program, Dr. Rogers said to mention our show for a great discount on books and her newsletter. Last time it was 20%.)

Dr. Rogers began by mentioning that billionaire, Oprah, went to many doctors trying to feel better and stop her heart palpitations. It turns out that the problem was under-active thyroid. An integrative, functional medicine or naturopathic doctor would have discovered the cause much sooner.

A great number of people will continue to be Fat, Fatigued or Forgetful (or even worse) they don’t normalize their thyroid function. Below are 9 factors that are getting in the way. (Details and literature references in the last couple years of her newsletter.)

  1. Commercial testing labs use standards of “normal” that are 25 years old and were not based on healthy people. She says the goals should be “TSH” under 2 and “Free T3” over 3.5.
  2. Most docs prescribe synthetic thyroid, Synthroid or the generic levothyroxin. Those only contain T4, the storage form of thyroid hormone. More effective thyroid drugs contain both T3 and T4. Most people feel much better on them and additional blood tests will convince the doctor that they are doing the job.
  3. Even the best medical centers do not run a test for red blood cell selenium. The conversion of T4 to the active T3 is by way of an enzyme that depends on selenium.
  4. Even the best thyroid hormone will not work if you don’t have good cell membranes. Repairing those membranes requires phosphatidyl choline, all 8 forms of natural vitamin E and cod liver oil.
  5. Plastics in foods, environment, home and furnishing materials and even in medical tubing damage the thyroid-binding globulins that carry thyroid hormone around the body.
  6. If there is a yeast overgrowth in the gut (e.g. Candida), we make antibodies (immune attackers) against the thyroid and the brain!
  7. The increasing levels of toxicants that we are exposed to like heavy metals (e.g. mercury from corn syrup) and GMO foods not only create leaky gut (that heads us toward autoimmune disease) but are also known as “endocrine disruptors” because they damage glands like the thyroid.
  8. It has also been shown that you can’t heal thyroid without adequate vitamin D. Also, if vitamin D levels are low, there is higher likelihood of autoimmune Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Dr. Rogers noted that it is no surprise that studies using a dose of 400 IU which is even less than the silly RDA of 800 IU. Vitamin D at that level doesn’t show benefit because it is barely enough to protect against rickets. The researchers also didn’t check blood levels. Our vitamin D blood levels should be between 60 and 100 ng/mL. The healthiest people Dr. Rogers sees have levels between 80 and 90. (The dangers of believing what you read on the internet. WebMd says “A level less than 12 ng/mL indicates vitamin D deficiency. Hah! I think that means you are staring death in the face!) To get to healthful levels usually takes supplementation of 7,000 IU per day or more. (If it is more convenient, you can do 10,000 on weekdays.) Bile and pancreatic enzymes are required to absorb vitamin D. The body needs vitamin K2, magnesium and other nutrients to tolerate high blood levels of D. (Are you beginning to see why I recommend starting with a great multivitamin?)
  9. Healthy cell membranes are the key to wellness. For example, receptors on our cells for Vitamin D and thyroid are the same. Too often they are not working because their fats are not balanced. They suffer from being too high in omega-6 (vegetable oils), omega-9 (e.g. olive, safflower, canola) and plasticizers, but are desperately low in omega-3 (e.g. fish oil and flax oil). Note that the 6’s and 9’s knock out the 3’s, so you can’t just add fish oil on top of an excess for those others. Rogers recommends cod liver oil in glass. Phosphatidyl choline is also required. She says use non-GMO because GMO’s cause autoimmune disease. Also required is vitamin E, but with all 8 forms as is found in Jarrow’s FamilE.


Antibiotics vs. Probiotics. Dr. Rogers listed scary side effects of Z-pak and praised probiotics.

Glaucoma – She said the eye is not draining properly. She advised to strengthen blood vessels that line the eye canals (and in the process those everywhere in the body). Improve with sulfur, molybdenum, sunshine, and the oil change discussed above.

Pancreatic cancer. Dr. Rogers noted that cancer cells have a protein coating that prevents our immune cells from detecting and destroying them. Enzymes that would digest that coating are made in the pancreas. However, when it is the pancreas itself that is sick, there is an obvious problem. Supplementing with high doses of pancreatic enzymes is key. Learn more in her book, Wellness Against All Odds. And then read her books on the macrobiotic diet.

Oral Chelation to clean arteries– She said those are great because we are all so toxic. The oral or rectal versions of chelation avoid exposure to the plastics from intravenous tubes. Read Detoxify or Die. And to attack the problem from both ends, read about a rectal suppository version in the Blood Pressure Hoax. She likes the far infrared sauna for this and other reasons.

Calcium supplements are given in some studies. Dr. Rogers says that is stupid because aging is calcification of arteries, kidneys, etc. (If for some reason you need to take calcium, be sure to get magnesium and vitamin K2.)

T.H.I.N.K. Dr. Rogers said that if you are told you need a treatment you don’t want to take, the answer to your problem can probably be found in the acronym, T.H.I.N.K. What that means is reviewed in my blog reviewing her December interview. Listen to that interview or any other show in our archives.

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