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It probably shows in the photo that I’m very proud of my granddaughter, Kayla Leggett. She just graduated magna cum laude from Texas A & M University (TAMU). On the show website there is a LINK to a closeup picture of the cake I made for her. (BTW, everything you see on my cakes is edible, but not necessarily health food.)  If you know any Aggies (that’s what they call grads of TAMU), you might forward this link to them. Perhaps they will subscribe to the newsletter and learn more about being healthy.

Kayla’s degree is in biomedical sciences and she intends to go to medical school. As you might imagine, I am eager to “brain wash” her myself before the drug-company-indoctrinated medical school does their thing. Only a smattering of nutrition is taught in medical school. With a basic appreciation of the powerful effects of good nutrition and harmful toxins, she will more likely maintain her common sense and come out with a balanced view. So, we gave her 4 books, each with a coupon offering a hefty cash rebate when she reads that book. (Sneaky, right?) Not sure when she will get to them because she is studying for the entrance exam. But, when she needs money, she’ll find time!

That reminded me to list 11 books that I wish everyone would read. (No cash reward for you, just the benefit of the knowledge. Maybe gift ideas too.)

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  1. Lori says:

    What are your thoughts about Dr. Gundy’s Vital Reds supplement?4V

    • healthybynature says:

      I haven’t really investigated it, but would assume it is good. He has some good points but is probably too extreme for those with decent gut balance.

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