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Healthy by Nature radio show THIS WEEK

In this new LIVE show, I’ll talk with Dr. Darcy Brunk in the studio to get an update on stem cell therapy. This is such an amazing process that I want to make sure anyone dealing with chronic problems knows there is hope. Why start a new year, for that matter, a new decade with the old issues? 

We will talk about what I think is the most effective and safest type, Infinity Stem Cells. (They are uman Umbilical Stem Cells.) Read my article on stem cells. For a consultation and appropriate x-rays at no charge and/or a free e-book, Stem Cells Made Simple, call (972) 303-0683 and mention Healthy by Nature. Website

Call the live show with questions at 1-800-281-8255

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Time is running out
Instead of writing a blog this week I am working on a juicy one for next week about baby steps to a healthier 2020. Meanwhile, I remind you that there are two really good deals that will expire in days at the end of 2019:

Sauna Deal—Not only is the price of my favorite detox/relax/energize tool, the Relax Far Infrared Sauna, going up Jan 1, Phil Wilson also gave our listeners a holiday discount. Read my article on sauna. And Click here to go directly to Relax Sauna. (Don’t forget to give the HBN discount code hbn1050) The holiday special and discount are good until midnight 12/31/19  Call 626.200.8454.

Bill Sardi’s Longevinex Year End Sale. Get up to 4 boxes free depending on order size. Order online at Longevinex or call 866-405-4000. Read my article about resveratrol and why Longevinex is clearly the best form.



A listener ran across a reference to an FDA recall of King Bio products. As I told her, that was old news and was a voluntary action taken by Dr. King out of an abundance of caution (over what I think was a non-issue). I am very familiar with this and continue to use their products with the utmost confidence. Please see the show notes below about the FDA’s war on homeopathy. (The agency doesn’t seem to love competition for pharma drugs even if it is safer.)

Quote of the week


“Progress is man’s ability to complicate simplicity.”
Thor Heyerdahl, explorer

LAST WEEK Follow-up

LISTEN to that show in the archives.

We talked about remedies for stress and other holiday issues with Dr. Frank King. He is a homeopath, naturopath, chiropractor and the author of The Healing Revolution: Eight Essentials to Awaken Abundant Life, NaturallyDr. King also pasture raises a variety of animals and sells their healthful meats online. (Where else can you find black bison, elk, Watusi and yak?) Article on the King Bio website about sleep. The King Bio remedy: Stress Control.  One for appetite and weight loss. Study on carbohydrates and insomnia. My blog on The FDA’s War on Homeopathy. One caller asked about ice water consumption and another about animal parasites.

Make your voice heard: On homeopathic regulation. (See the blog for ideas on what to say. On setting proper standards for CBD oil. Let your legislators know how you feel about natural medicine and the FDA’s oppressive regulation of all things natural (e.g. homeopathy) and blind love of all things pharmaceutical. To contact your US Representative and Senator. (It is okay to be passionate, but they listen better if you are also civilized.)

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