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One of our favorites, deep-dive investigative journalist, Jeff T Bowles, is the author of several important books and a peer-reviewed scientific journal article. (He is Amazon’s best-selling science author with over 500,000 books sold.) He returns to cover some interesting new ideas about how ancient humans may have adapted to winter by hibernating and a brand-new theory of aging that apparently disproves the others.

My second guest, Dr. Ross Pelton R.Ph., Ph.D., CCN, will teach us what to do to prepare our bodies to deal with whatever challenges 2021 throws at us. Dr. Pelton is an award-winning pharmacist, clinical nutritionist, health educator, author of 10 books, a microbiome expert and he is the Scientific Director for Essential Formulas, Inc. He offers these useful free resources on his website:  Dr. Pelton’s FREE Quick Reference Guide to Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletions and the very timely Natural Therapies to Strengthen Your Immune System.

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Peripheral neuropathy. This condition usually affects feet and toes but can also attack fingers. Neuropathy can be perceived as tingling, prickliness, or stabbing pain…or as the lack of any feeling at all. If a person does not feel their extremities, they may be unaware there is damage or infection until it has advanced to a dangerous degree which can even result in amputation.  The cause of neuropathy can be trauma, infection, nutrient deficiency, alcoholism, or toxins. The most well-known cause is diabetes. The high diabetic sugar levels gradually damage the sensitive capillaries and nerves. Job one is to stop whatever is causing further damage, e.g. resolve an infection or get blood sugar under control if diabetes is the cause. In general, a healthy anti-inflammatory diet is a good place to start. Because it is so helpful for the nervous system, I recommend Nerve Guardian. Light therapy can help. There is a special neuropathy boot,  but you can also use the more versatile Body Light Pad. Because stem cells go to the site of inflammation and damage and make repairs, Infinity Stem Cell Therapy would also be an excellent choice that would offer many fringe benefits.


Doctors Link Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines to Life-Threatening Blood Disorder

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“All you need is love. But a little (dark) chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”
Charles Schulz

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We can probably all agree that in 2016, not a single person got the correct answer to this question, “Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?”
(I mean, who would have answered, “hunkered down in quarantine”?)

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Golden Retrievers and a Husky meet their cat friend’s tiny new kitten

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Internationally respected herb expert, Mark Blumenthal was my guest. He is the Founder and Executive Director of the American Botanical Council (ABC).  ABC is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to disseminating accurate, reliable, and responsible information on herbs and medicinal plants. Mr. Blumenthal is also the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of HerbalGram, an international peer-reviewed quarterly journal. We talked about herb basics.

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