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When Dr. Darcy Brunk, DC was my guest in December, we discussed the importance of not thinking of ourselves as our diagnoses. This week we will discuss how to avoid getting a diagnosis in the first place. We usually think of stem cell therapy for reversing joint damage and other health problems. That is obviously fabulous, but the more important fundamental benefit of Infiniti stem cell therapy is to reduce inflammation and tissue degeneration and restore immune balance thereby preventing health problems as well as the aggravations of aging. Since Sunday is the anniversary of my 2020 stroke, I know Dr. Darcy will feel the need to discuss that. Call (800) 507-6509 at any time from anywhere for a complimentary consultation.

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Routine medical blood tests show cholesterol numbers and a value for triglycerides. Too often people (and even their doctors) ignore that number. However, but it is an important indicator of cardiovascular risk, of perhaps even more significance than cholesterol. The body makes triglycerides from extra food energy (calories) as a way of storing it for future use. Triglycerides hang around our waists too.

I remember that when I interviewed the famous Robert Atkins, MD many years ago, he said that too little attention was being paid to triglycerides. Several recent studies dramatically vindicate his opinion. This Atkins website page says, “Both elevated triglycerides [TG] and lowered HDL [so-called “good cholesterol”] result from elevated insulin levels, a consequence, as most of you know, of eating excessive carbohydrates, which is almost inevitable on a low-fat diet. Dozens of studies have demonstrated that a low-fat regimen raises TG levels. Therefore, these numerous recent reports—which could lead to a major decline in heart disease—are given little credence because that would mean the movers and shakers in cardiology would have to change their practices dramatically.” The mainstream medical dogma that focuses mainly on cholesterol and demonizes fat in the diet is responsible for a lot of damage.

I also found this excellent Mayo Clinic article that explains the fundamentals of triglycerides and how to keep yours in a healthy range—e.g. Less than 150 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL). Fish oil supplementation is known to lower triglycerides, but the most important step is to exercise and reduce the intake of fast-metabolizing carbohydrates such as sugar and refined starches.

Be sure to listen to the HBN show on 2/27. Bill Sardi will share exciting scientific breakthrough for prevention / remedy of covid-19. (It is inexpensive, safe and can even be done with food.)

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“The people in power have created an obesity epidemic.” Robert Atkins, MD


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One of our favorites, deep-dive investigative journalist, Jeff T Bowles, is the author of several important books and a peer-reviewed scientific journal article. (He is Amazon’s best-selling science author with over 500,000 books sold.) He returned to cover some interesting new ideas about (1) how ancient humans may have adapted to winter by hibernating and (2) a brand-new theory of aging that apparently disproves the popular ones. I intended to mention this study on melatonin for covid-19.

My second guest, Dr. Ross Pelton R.Ph., Ph.D., CCN, told us what to do to prepare our bodies to deal with whatever challenges 2021 throws at us. Dr. Pelton is an award-winning pharmacist, clinical nutritionist, health educator, author of 10 books; a microbiome expert and he is the Scientific Director for Essential Formulas. He offers these useful free resources on his website:  Dr. Pelton’s FREE Quick Reference Guide to Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletions and the very timely Natural Therapies to Strengthen Your Immune System.

The Epoch Times. (Impressively unbiased news.)


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