Short and sweet. Just the bare essentials.


Short and sweet. Just the bare essentials.

Healthy by Nature radio show this week

Surprise! Call our live show with questions at 1-800-281-8255. Nutritionist Tim Mount and I will answer caller questions…a regular free for all. I will likely start with some ideas for simple and often easy New Year’s resolutions. Click here to find podcasts, show archives and how to listen nationwide.

Today the newsletter is basically giving all of us the day off…just a little housekeeping.

Merry Christmas.



In North Texas and Southern Oklahoma Healthy by Nature is moving to KWRD’s sister station KEXB 620 AM. Please listen on the new station this week before 8 AM to assure you have it and I hope you can also set a preset button to that position.

For another week or two the show may also air on 100.7 FM but then we will have moved.

In case you need it, here is the link to all the areas where the show is broadcast.




  • SAVE THE DATE. Spring Natural HealthFest will be MAY 7th in RICHARDSON, TX.


Last Week Follow-up

LISTEN to that show in the archives.

A recent unpleasant experience with my joints reminded me of the crucial body-wide importance of what happens in the mouth. I’m glad that our favorite holistic dentist, Philip R. Kozlow, DDS was with us to talk about a number of dental issues. To learn more about holistic dentistry, he suggested this site: IAOMT which is actually listed in our Library. Tim Mount, nutritionist, herbalist and educator for NeoCell explained the role of collagen and vitamin C in the teeth and gums. NeoCell is launching new goal specific blends, the Platinum Matrix Collection. I made several recommendations to a caller about gum disease but the spelling of a product seemed hard to write down from the radio: Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics. In the good news segment I shared the joy that James McLester finally got his kidney transplant. Perhaps you can help with a donation for the follow up expenses. Click here for updates and to donate.

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