What does “Healthy by Nature” really mean?


Healthy by Nature radio show this week

I will ask yoga instructor Nina C. Payne to help me understand what yoga really is, how it can help us and how to get started even at home. Nina is the author of the novel, Moments in Time, closely based on her experience with grief and how yoga helped.

Then Board Certified Environmental Engineer, Barry A. Cik, will answer my questions about how to get more restful sleep by choosing a mattress that is free of the chemicals that emanate from even expensive highly advertised brands. I am especially interested in alternatives to fire retardant chemicals that are now appearing not only in the environment, but also in human bodies.

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What does Healthy by Nature really mean?

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Obviously Healthy by Nature (HBN) is the name of this newsletter, my radio show and website. It is also the belief system that is the basis of my books and lectures. It is easy to toss that phrase around, but what does Healthy by Nature really mean? As we head into a new year it seems like a good time to clarify that. Just as the name implies, I believe that we are designed by nature to be healthy; to have abundant energy; to enjoy a cheery outlook; and to live a long and productive life.

Hmm…Then why are so many Americans sick, tired and out of sorts? It seems to be because we are out of balance and have lost track of simple rules in our “instruction manual”. The “prime directive” (yes, I know that is a Star Trek reference, but I don’t know the Star Wars equivalent) is to give the body sufficient amounts of everything it needs for optimum function and avoid burdening it with things that can gum up the works.

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Last Week Follow-up

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Nutritionist Tim Mount and I answered caller questions on topics ranging from cataract surgery and health of the heart and arteries to guns / crowns and the gallbladder cleanse and this is the link to the product I said helps thin bile. Here is the link to his blog about that cleanse. We also discussed some ideas for simple and often easy New Year’s resolutions from the list on our website.

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