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HBN welcomes back, Dr. Jeffry Jeffrey Anshel, OD, our HBN expert on eye health. He is the author of the new book What You Must Know About Dry Eye: How to Prevent, Stop, or Reverse Dry Eye Disease. On a previous show he discussed this book: What You Must Know About Age-Related Macular Degeneration: How You Can Prevent, Stop, or Reverse AMD. (He likes Longevinexfor that.)

In the second half of the program we will talk with a scientist expert on the popular topic, CBD. You’ve seen the stores popping up, but what do we really know? Dr. Emek Blair, Ph.D. is an award-winning chemist and founder of both Puffin Hemp and CELLg8 Technology.

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Fun stuff in the blog this week: Whole body vibration for back pain, inflammation reduction, weight loss, gut health and even blood sugar management. A teen that became blind and deaf from eating nothing but junk food. Encouraging news that fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of death from cancer, heart disease and other causes. A free book and other reminders from Bill Sardi.  CLICK HERE to read this week’s blog.

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“A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.” Mark Twain

LAST WEEK Follow-up

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Bill Sardi was my guest.  We talked about the role of stomach acid. This is his 
article on that subject. Mr Sardi thinks most stomach acid pills, betaine HCL, are over-priced. He is offering one at a bargain price. 800-247-5731) We will also talked about bile, another important digestive fluid. Here is a link to new article,  BILE, HEART DISEASE, GALLSTONES & VITAMIN C. The FREE BOOK on gallbladder. Learn more about Formula 216 / 833-848-2216. Article on anti-aging.

Mr. Sardi is our resident answer man about dietary supplements. He is commercially involved in the following products we are delighted to advertise at HBN : Molecular Multi 800-247-5731Longevinex 866-405-4000Formula 216 / 833-848-2216; Garligest for heartburn and Garlinex 866-674-3955). email – bsardi@aol.com.


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