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  • Colonoscopy prep may upset your gut bacterial balance. Although colonoscopy is widely accepted as a smart move to head off colon cancer, a study showed that the complete bowel cleansing can create a long term deficiency of probiotic strains of bacteria. The problem may not persist for a year as is the case with antibiotics, but a month or more is still too long. In The Probiotic Cure, I outlined a massive number of benefits of our good gut buddies. So, it sure makes sense to me to get right on replacing them. My choice, of course, is Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics because it is in a class by itself at improving the gut environment so a person’s native strains can rebound. (I’d take at least 2 caps twice a day.) The typical freeze-dried probiotic products, with their mega billions of foreign strains, may actually confuse the gut and slow the return to normal
  • Aspirin—another insult to the gut. A daily low dose aspirin is often prescribed to middle aged folks, supposedly prevent cardiovascular problems. It is a blood thinner. A review of studies covering 160,000 participants questioned if any potential benefit was worth the risk of major bleeding, especially in people who did not have diagnosed cardiovascular disease. They found that if 265 people took aspirin for 5 years, one heart attack or stroke would have been prevented. However, one in 210 would have a major bleed which can also be fatal. Safe natural “blood thinners” with fringe benefits include: fish oil and vitamin E plus several herbs such as curcumin, garlic and resveratrol.
  • Ozone for whitening teeth. On a recent show, Philip Kozlow, DDS discussed various uses of ozone for oral health. He has since told me that it also helps with tooth whitening protocols.

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