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It should get our attention that two out of three people with diabetes die from heart disease or stroke. Other serious complications of diabetes are kidney failure, blindness, nerve damage and amputation of limbs. Maybe you think that is not a problem for you. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control, “Nearly 1 in 4 four adults living with diabetes – 7.2 million Americans – didn’t know they had the condition.” Nearly 90% of adults with pre-diabetes are unaware. In 2017 diabetes in the US was responsible for an  economic cost of $327 billion.

Read this linked Library article to learn how to avoid diabetes. It also discusses the risks of unstable blood sugar and the immediate benefits of stabilizing blood sugar. The article also covers how the blood sugar system works and provides information on blood testing.

Too often, people live in a false sense of security until the doctor diagnoses “diabetes”. However, the body can tell us something is amiss long before that…if we pay attention to clues large and small. Here are some examples of early warning signs we should heed:

  • A big waistline. The American Heart Association warns that women with waists larger than 35 inches or men with waists over 40 inches have entered the danger zone. (Measure at the navel.)
  • Skin tags. These tiny bumps or skin growths are rather like grains of rice. They usually appear around the neck and skin creases or where clothing rubs. Research shows that if a person has several they should be concerned.
  • Carbohydrate cravings. When our blood sugar dips, it is a survival instinct to reach for something that will raise it quickly like sugars and starches. Of course, yeast overgrowth, low levels of serotonin (the happy hormone) or a mineral deficiency can also contribute to carbohydrate cravings.
  • Hypoglycemia . When blood sugar is lower than normal, that is called hypoglycemia. The effects of low blood glucose and the resulting lack of fuel for the brain can cause symptoms like headaches, trouble organizing your words or feeling weak, shaky, sweaty, foggy, drowsy, and cranky.
  • High blood pressure, Low HDL (good) cholesterol and/or High triglycerides. The American Diabetes Assn. says levels of this blood fat (triglycerides) should be 150 mg/dl or lower.
  • Acid reflux . This is also known as heartburn or GERD. (My book covers this subject in depth.)
  • Sleep apnea . This is a condition wherein oxygen intake is lowered during sleep. The results of sleep apnea can be snoring, poor sleep quality, daytime fatigue and increased cardiovascular risk. Sleep apnea is linkedto overweight and in my experience both can be caused by the same fast-acting carbohydrates.
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome. A woman with fertility issues, weight gain, irregular periods, acne or facial hair might suspect polycystic ovary syndrome and therefore suspect blood glucose issues.
  • Gallbladder trouble, recurrent infections, cuts that are slow to heal, dry skin, gum disease and are more of the many signs.

The same food habits that have made America the second most obese nation on the planet (after Mexico) are what is causing diabetes to reach near epidemic levels here. The remedy is mainly to go back to what we ate before we were derailed by bad advice from the government and other “experts”. Their misdirection led us to become addicted to fast acting carbohydrates (starches, sugars and sugary beverages). That stuff and alcohol now provide 30% of calories for the average American! In our Library read this article which shows which to foods to eat and which to avoid. The “goodies” in the picture above are obvious fast-acting carbs. But, as you read food labels, you find that so are ketchup, many ready to eat entrees, breakfast cereals and on and on. Learn more from my article on Diabetes and Weight Loss.

Magnesium is the nutrient insufficiency most associated with diabetes. Vitamin C has been shown to help blood sugar reactions. Exercise, of course, is preventive of diabetes and nearly every other complaint. Read about these motivators.

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