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Q. A website visitor asked if I had a recommendation about what to drink.

A. The original plan was to drink pure water. That is still the best plan. We’ve always used filtered water at our home, but I finally found a reverse osmosis filter that I really like. It removes fluoride, is compact enough to put on the counter top, simple to use, moderately priced and doesn’t waste a lot of water in the process like many do. LINK HERE for more information. (To add the flavor back to the ulra-pure water, I use a couple of shakes of trace mineral drops.) Instead of coffee which makes me jittery, I like herbal teas. The finest and most convenient brand I’ve found is Pique Tea Crystals. They are uniquely purified, herbally effective and instant in hot or cold water. Right now, the company is offering 20% off and FREE Shipping. You can buy single flavors such as Ginger Digestion and Hibiscus Beauty (2 of my favorites) or save some with collections. LINK HERE

Q. A website visitor liked one of my thoughts that spreading out immunizations might reduce the risk of complications.

A. The whole immunization issue is so emotional that it is hard to have a rational debate. Having experienced a childhood disease does help our immune systems long term and vaccinations can indeed have unintended consequences. (An article by Bill Sardi points to an interesting study about unexpected after effects.) On the other hand, some kiddos are not as well prepared to recover from those childhood infections. Likewise, there is no one-size-fits all answer when it comes to getting immunized. It seems that there are sub-groups of children (and adults) that suffer more side effects. In another brilliant article, Mr. Sardi describes the vaccination detail and some of those side effects. He has also made a great point on the show that kids need nutrients to respond well to vaccines (or to successfully fight the disease if they are unvaccinated). That nutritional angle may be the main point we are missing in all this.

Q. A website visitor asked about insurance that covers supplements.

A. Wouldn’t you think that insurance companies, the government and the medical profession would be much more interested in the mountains of science on nutritional supplements for prevention and even reversal of disease?  After all, the natural approach usually has fringe benefits, not scary side effects. Unfortunately, doctors are not trained on the benefits and even are warned against them. The government has the same negative attitude. It is really no mystery because pharmaceutical companies have purchased undue influence in medical schools, medical journals, the media, Washington, DC and in state capitals across the country. As for insurance companies, it seems to me that they have set the system up so that they effectively work on commission. Therefore they have no real incentive to promote prevention. If you find an insurance company that covers natural methods for consumers, PLEASE let me know. Here is a great article by Bill Sardi on why we don’t hear much about the benefits of supplements.

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  1. Tom M says:

    Thanks for the links to the Bill Sardi articles. The last one (about Big Pharma) should be front page news on every media outlet. I fell like we are already in a 1984 kind of world…controlled and constantly fed a stream of lies. Honestly, your site is one of the few I trust. I no longer trust anything from the government.

  2. Patricia Hough says:

    What do you say to your doctor when he tells you that if you don’t get the flu shot and the pneumonia shots Medicare will reduce his pay from them by a certain percentage…I think he said 25% but i’m not sure if that’s correct. Very frustrating and I’m not sure if what he is telling me is accurate or not.

    • healthybynature says:

      I have not run into that with my doc and Medicare. I have never gotten the shots. I think maybe there was a misunderstanding somewhere along the line. In Googling the question I found only that Medicare pays for the shots, not that it requires them in any way.

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