I chose the above photo because it made me smile. 

  • Butter is not bad! Besides making food taste better, it is actually good for us. To begin with it helps us feel satisfied and is a source of the important fat soluble vitamins. Butter contains fatty acids that protect against cancer. One of those fats is butyric acid which helps the health of the intestinal tract and, as noted in this article about diabetes, increases sensitivity to insulin. Next week I may discuss its role in burning fat. Yes, it is “saturated” fat, but as this article explains, we’ve been unduly frightened about saturated fat. Here is another one. I prefer butter from grass fed cows.
  • As pharmacist, nutritionist, author, practitioner, Jim Lavalle, mentioned in his interview February 16th, using litmus paper to test the acidity of the 1st morning urine can give useful insight into health status and future risks. As Gus Kotsanis, MD confirmed in his interview the next week, disease loves it when the reading is below 6.5 (acidic). When it is 7 and above (alkaline), cancer is hampered.
  • I was happy to learn that the Brain Light Pro can also be used on knees, shoulders, etc. (We’ve previously discussed it for brain issues such as depression, anxiety, brain trauma, memory problems, seizures, etc.) Just unhook the Velcro and put the device wherever you want to reduce inflammation. Dr. Einsohn used it to fix a knee he injured while traveling. By the way, there is a device (with the same technology) that is configured for the knee or the foot (e.g. for peripheral neuropathy).
  • Even if you haven’t watched the Netflix series, The Bundy Tapes, about the infamous serial killer, you will be interested in these very helpful one minute police videos teaching us how to avoid getting robbed or kidnapped. 1. Can you spot a bad actor? 2. But, what if you don’t want to hurt his feelings? 3. What to do if you are being robbed. 4. Should you resist an abduction attempt?
  • The diabetes drug, Metformin, and the proton pump inhibitor type heartburn drugs (Nexium and the like) cause vitamin B12 deficiency. That can lead to serious nerve problems. You can take a B12 supplement in both cases, but I’d recommend getting off the heartburn drugs because they cause other serious problems. There are articles in the Digestive Section of the library on this site and lots more details in my book, Natural Alternatives to Nexium, & Other Acid Blockers.
  • Perhaps you read the book, Plant Paradox, and are concerned that most of the foods that you thought you should eat are full of inflammation-producing lectins. First, do not confuse those with leptins that we will discuss on the show Saturday. During a phone chat, Sherry Rogers, MD mentioned that if people heal their leaky gut, the lectins are not a problem. However, like many folks, she does not do well with the lectin containing nightshades (e.g. potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and peppers).

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