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In last week’s blog, I promised to finish up Bill Sardi’s answers to questions that came up in connection with his April 4th interview on the radio show. By the way, the photo above is just for fun. The restaurant has been a New York theater district landmark for 90 years and is not named for our guy. It was the answer in a recent NY Times crossword and therefore on my mind. Now, onto the mission of empowering you to beat covid-19 without creating more problems. [Note: Text formatted like this is my two cents.]

Debbie: “will we get lifetime immunity if we get the corona virus?”

SARDI:  Lifetime immunity usually emanates from fever.  Some people are infected but exhibit no symptoms, and hopefully still developed antibodies.  The US plans to distribute antibody tests, but probably as a pre-requirement for anybody wanting to get back to work prior to end of lockdown.  There is so far no hard data on how long immunity lasts.

Debbie: Or can we get it again?  E.g. does it stay dormant like Epstein Barr Virus or Varicella? will it reoccur??

  • “ Well, we can get ‘it’ again because like Bill Clinton said [in the context of his 1998 impeachment], ‘It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.’ ‘It’ can mean tuberculosis, which is a bacterial.  TB can remain in the body in a latent (dormant) form and erupt again.”  [note, there is a growing belief in some quarters that a lot of what has been assumed to be covid-19 is really TB which has similar symptoms.]

Judy: “Is there a test to see if a person has been exposed and built up an immunity to Covid-19?

[MW = As implied above, the immune system creates antibodies to go after a very specific threat. The type of test you asked about is called an “antibody” test. The tests exist and have been in the news, but so far are not entirely reliable or widely available in the U.S. We certainly hope they will be prevalent soon so that we can know much more accurately about how the virus has spread and the numbers of folks who have recovered…we can only hope that if we are able to show that we have long-lasting immunity to covid-19, we won’t be forced to get a vaccine.]

SARDI: “Britain skipped COVID-19 diagnostic tests (unreliable anyway) and instead tested for antibodies and found 68% of their population had already been exposed.  This means they don’t need future vaccination.  The US has issued a much lower estimate regarding antibody levels (titers).”

Sarah: “My question is about the virus going to the lungs. The mucus gets thick and makes it hard for people to breathe. Wouldn’t Mucinex help if people used it before it got too bad? 

SARDI: It is not mucin itself that is the problem. [The real problem is an overly aggressive immune process that fills the lungs with fluid. In one of Bill Sardi’s articles, he states “To normalize the immune response so that white blood cells called neutrophils don’t over-respond producing inflammation which then results in your lungs filling up with fluid and risking pneumonia, vitamin D and the red wine molecule resveratrol combined normalize the immune response.”]

Sarah: “Also, isn’t NAC good for clearing the lungs? Isn’t that available through an IV? Has anyone tried that?”

SARDI: “For reasons beyond explanation here, I would NOT use NAC [N-Acetyl Cysteine].  A lab dish study showed that it produced a counter-effect. I would use inositol, orally.  I would supplement with coenzyme Q10 and magnesium to activate macrophage white blood cells to digest away the dead cells, or infected cells that macrophages destroy.   Magnesium and CoenzymeQ10 help produce ATP [the energy molecule] in healthy cells which is then shuttled outside the cell where most viruses run rampant.  ATP itself destroys viruses via macrophages.  This is a new understanding. This is a study in which inositol reduced ventilator use in preterm infants.”

Bill Sardi discussed Zinc in the news: “On April 8, President Donald Trump, speaking from the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in his daily press conference said: ‘You should add zinc” to any COVID-19 treatment regimen.  I want to throw that out there because that’s where they seem to have the best result,’ likely referring to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s online posting that the use of the medicine chloroquine plus zinc and an antibiotic remedied 100% of hundreds of cases of COVID-19 coronavirus infections occurring in a [hard hit] village of Hasidic orthodox Jews in New York. The President added: ‘So, you add the zinc and the antibiotic, and it’s been – we’ve had a lot of good stories.’ [as you know, on the show and this site, we’ve repeatedly discussed the crucial nature of zinc for immune function. Click here for the rest of Bill’s story and scientific references that support our belief in zinc.]

Colostrum. I’ve been a fan of colostrum for immune health for a long time. Read my article for details. Very exciting for these times is this study that showed that colostrum is 3 times more effective for preventing influenza than vaccination.

Postbiotics. On the show last week, I said that today I’d discuss postbiotics, the important substances made by our friendly bacteria. However, this blog is already longer than you’d probably like or that husband Bill typically wants to proof. So, I’m calling an audible and moving it to next week where I can do a better job. Meanwhile, there is some information in this article in the Library.

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  1. Debbie says:

    As always I appreciate your perspective and efforts to inform people of the truth about our health and to be responsible for ourselves. HEalthy By Nature ….. God’s perfect creation and how it works.

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