Coronavirus—Bill Sardi Answers Listener Questions #1

One positive thing about the covid-19 crisis is that we’ve been forced to learn more about how our immune systems work and how nutrients protects us. That knowledge will be helpful next year for avoiding the seasonal flu. This year, the flu has reportedly claimed 24,000 American lives. (Why no official panic and quarantine about that you might ask?) Most of those are always from pneumonia and among elderly people with underlying conditions…exactly the type of problems we’ve been working to solve in the recent blogs, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Bill Sardi answered listener’s emailed questions on the show last Saturday. But, we didn’t have time to get to them all, and so he agreed to finish them up by email. I will cover more next week. If I answered the question, I’ve shown it this way [MW = in brackets].

Dave: [I asked this question at the very end of the show Saturday, but we just didn’t get to it]: “ordering take out at restaurants during the COVID-19 epoch-Can the virus (any virus/cold) be transmitted via food? Say an infected person touches the food and you eat it a half hour to an hour later. [MW = The CDC says, “Currently, there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with food.”.]

SARDI: “The current insanity is to run and hide from the virus, which was obviously in circulation last year but erupted when the earth turned on its axis away from the sun (winter solstice).  The answer can’t be “never eat food again.”  We don’t eat sterile food.  Stomach acid is our last line of defense before germs get to the blood circulation and then the white blood cells take over.” [MW = Please remember that heartburn drugs block the stomach acid that is critical for this protection.]

How long is the virus contagious for?

SARDI: “Too long” [MW = the guidelines change. The most common current advice is to “ask the doctor if it is okay to go out in the community”.]

Trudy: “how to stay safe when someone in the house has it?”[MW = “the CDC lists prevention tips.”]

SARDI: We can wash and wash; disinfect and disinfect; go hide in the bathroom and let others shove your meals under the door.  This is almost useless when these viruses are highly transmissible and ubiquitous (everywhere).  The coronaviruses were contacting you in summer but because of your immunity, largely due to higher vitamin D levels, you never got ill.  The incidence of the flu is cited at 65% in winter and just 1.5% in summer.  Source: Vaccine, Volume 38, Issue 2, 2020.

And are there products for stopping the virus from giving you pneumonia?

[MW = “The best way to avoid pneumonia is to build your immune system’s ability to defeat the virus before things go that far. The nutrients we’ve discussed extensively in recent weeks are key—especially vitamin D, Vitamin C and zinc. Some are covered in this helpful Bill Sardi article (one of many on that site). I recommend Formula 216 for the vitamin C and Molecular Multi for routine zinc nutrition. (Also, Mr. Sardi has created a genius zinc formula which can be preordered.) As for vitamin D, the best source is sun exposure. My favorite supplement is the liposomal spray D/K2 product on this page. But, if taking capsules, at least take enough.”

Gayle: “I have been told the zinc supplements I take are blocked. What can I do to get the zinc to be used in my body?”

SARDI:  “Zinc is tightly controlled in the human body by binding to its protein metallothionein.  Taking the trace mineral selenium will knock off some zinc and make it more fully available.” [MW = I think the amount in Molecular Multi is enough for that purpose.]

Cathie: “If I am taking Longevinex and Molecular Multi (2 tablets) every day, do I need to get more quercetin during this time?” [MW = Those two products contain quercetin which among other benefits enables zinc to enter infected cells. That Hydroxychloroquine also does that and may actually be the reason the drug has some positive affect against the coronavirus.]

SARDI: Quercetin would be appropriate once you have a cold or flu.

Martie Whittekin asks: The drug Hydroxychloroquine is being touted as an experimental cure for covid-19. I made this page with its potential side effects. Also, more than one study shows that Z-Pack (Azithromycin) used in combination increases the risk of fatal heart attack among those already at risk. This is an example of a tough risk/benefit call because that drug does reduce deaths from pneumonia in the elderly. Is there a safer alternative we can ask [beg] doctors to give a patient who is in serious trouble?

SARDI: “Hydroxychloroquine is far less problematic than Chloroquine which is fraught with side effects.  While chloroquine has side effects, this drug is not for daily prophylaxis (prevention) but for treatment once shortness of breath and chronic cough have set in.  Not for long-term use without a doctor monitoring, but this drug is widely used in the 3rd world for malaria and is not considered unusually troublesome.  Chloroquine is a zinc ionophore (meaning that it helps zinc enter virally infected cells), so effectiveness is dependent upon the person having enough zinc.  Azithromycin antibiotic can be mimicked with cinnamon oil or oil of oregano.  I give this advice for home-based self-care recognizing there is no way government can provide enough medicine for all even if there is a cure.” 

Next week’s questions are about long-term immunity, antibody testing, NAC and more.

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  1. Tom says:

    Thanks for a voice of reason amid the insanity. I have read many of Mr. Sardi’s recent articles and they always provide very logical information. He should be allowed to replace Fauci who is totally irresponsible.

    • healthybynature says:

      Wouldn’t that be something? As President Trump might say, “You’d get tired of all the healing!” Speaking of the president, in the covid-19 briefing 4/9/20 he added zinc to the list of things being recommended. We don’t know who put that bug in his ear, but the press was quick to find a doctor to counter the idea.

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