Sherry Rogers, MD Interview Notes

Dr. Rogers is the most brilliant and accomplished woman I have ever known. She is so far ahead of the pack that sometimes it is a little hard to keep up with her. This past Saturday’s show was one of those times. She discussed a fundamental reason that some people are more susceptible to the coronavirus and other diseases. These are my notes about that show:

  • Dr. Rogers claims to be no smarter than other docs (don’t believe that) and that she just followed a different path out of an urgent need to cure herself of several diseases. She ultimately learned that they had resulted from earlier diet and lifestyle missteps.
  • In fact, because her approach to healing is so very different from the mainstream, whenever she has had to take the required re-certification exams for her various specialties, she learned she had to take a week off from her practice to review her old textbooks. She prepared to give what she now knows are the wrong answers to avoid failing. I.e. conventional medicine thinks it is impossible to cure the diseases which Dr. Rogers routinely does such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. As I’m sure you know by now, the norm is to use drugs, devices and surgery to do little more than manage the symptoms of disease.
  • None of the medical specialties look for what Dr. Rogers says are the only two causes of disease—(1) nutrient levels go down and (2) toxicity levels go up. We’ve essentially said that for many years on HBN, but I now suspect I probably got that originally from her.
  • The mainstream medical approach is fantastic in a crisis, but ineffective for overall health. Although the US spends about double the $ that any other country does on sickness care, we rank just 43rd in the world in wellness because of our unprecedented levels of chronic disease!
  • Rogers said that the first thing to do in getting well or staying that way is to get rid of the 7 toxic M’s which she says are: Mercury (we now get it from corn syrup and sugar), Meds (she said statins guarantee Alzheimer’s), Mycotoxins (from yeast overgrowth), Mangled fats (like trans fats), Manufactured toxins (like Teflon), Managed Care and Monsanto (the chemical giant that brought us aspartame and now pushes GMO’s and the toxic herbicide glyphosate in Roundup® (Note, American’s blood levels of glyphosate are 7 times higher than those of Europeans!) These contribute to the unhealthy cell membranes covered next.
  • Step 2 is to fortify your cell membranes. The cells in every tissue and organ of our bodies are protected by cell membranes. The membranes keep pathogens out and prevent virus DNA from getting in and using our cells’ machinery to create more viruses. Membranes also make substances that fight cancer cells, allow nutrients into the cell, and flush the wastes out.
  • Now to her unique take on covid-19 and cell membranes: This part gets technical for me too, but I’m excited that Dr. Rogers broke this story on HBN even before it showed up yesterday in the online science NEWS. Cell membranes create receptors (docking sites or locks) for various molecules. Healthy cells do NOT make receptors for angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2). That is the “lock” for the spikes on the coronavirus which act as keys—opening up the cells so that the virus can enter. The fact that unhealthy folks cells will have made many of these ACE2 receptors explains why we hear that “those with underlying health conditions are at greater risk”. Dr. Rogers then discussed why (besides the 7 M’s above) the cells become unhealthy and therefore create the unwanted receptors.
  • Because of a change in the food supply and the American diet, the composition of our cell membranes has undergone a massive shift in recent decades. As a society, we now have an imbalance in fatty acids—20 times more pro-inflammatory omega 6 than the anti-inflammatory omega 3. They should be equal! The cause is excess use of cooking oils like soy, corn, canola and the need for more omega-3 as found in fish and cold weather plants. She recommends 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil (e.g. Carlson bottled in glass) per day. 
  • Cod liver oil needs to be anchored in the cell membranes by phosphatidyl choline. (Natural food stores carry supplements.)
  • Cell membranes also need protection provided by the 8 members of the vitamin E family. Example I like. (Note, if you have heard of negative results from vitamin E studies, it is because they used only one form instead of the 8.)
  • Disease can be caused by the lack of any single nutrient and we may have no idea we are low in it. That is why Dr. Rogers recommends the Cardio/ION “crystal ball test” and analyzes the results of it during her phone consultations. (She is the only one I would trust to properly interpret the test.)
  • Regarding vitamin D blood tests. She said not fall for the outdated idea that normal is a level of 30. You want to be above 80 for good health!

Listen to that show for more information she gave about blood pressure, glaucoma, potassium levels, a-fib and more, but this already seems to be a LOT to digest in a blog, so I’m calling it a day!

4 Responses

  1. Thank you for putting some of the program in print.
    For those of us past 75 years young that may take a 1/2 second to compute…reading is sooooo much better.
    That said…maybe you have a friend or family member
    that could trans-scribe each week for you into PRINTED
    Just a thought…..or suggestion. Priscilla Farr

  2. Ann says:

    What is the appropriate dose of phosphatidyl choline?
    Thank you

    • healthybynature says:

      Dr. Rogers did not mention a dose for phosphatidyl choline (PC) on the show. I checked several of her recent newsletters and sadly did not find one. I have apparently loaned out my copies of her cardiovascular books, and no dose was given in her book, Pain Free in 6 Weeks. I did find the source she recommended: PC Powder from 800-427-7926. They may know know or you could just use the dosage on the product label.

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